'Neighbors 2' Set for May 2016 With Zac Efron, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne

The original cast members will reprise their roles and so will the creative team including the director and screenwriters from the first film.

AceShowbiz - "Neighbors 2" is officially given a go by Universal Pictures. The sequel to the 2014 R-rated hit is moving forward with the original trio Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, and Rose Byrne returning to reprise their respective roles. It's due May 13, 2016 in North America.

The main creative team from the first movie also returns for the sequel. Director Nicholas Stoller is back behind the lens, "The Interview" directors Rogen and Evan Goldberg will produce the flick again with James Weaver. Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O'Brien will write this one too.

The plot is still scarce, but it's expected to pick up where the "Neighbors" left off. In the first film, Rogen & Byrne portray a couple with a baby daughter and Efron plays a frat boy moving next door. It collected more than $260 million worldwide against a modest budget of $18 million.

The sequel will open a week after Marvel's blockbuster potential "Captain America: Civil War" and face off "Friday the 13th" reboot.

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