Miley Cyrus Photoshops Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ad

The 'Hannah Montana' actress pokes fun at Bieber's most recent Calvin Klein ad with Lara Stone.

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus updated her Instagram with lots of photoshopped pictures. This time, Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear ad fell prey to her prank. In the photosopped version of Bieber's ad, Cyrus' face, making funny expression behind a pair of retro sunglasses, was put over the face of Lara Stone, who held on to Bieber. "@Mileyismyqueenb****es" was added on the male singer's waistline.

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Photoshop magic isn't new to the 22-year-old star. Earlier on the same day, Cyrus did something similar to Joan Didion's Celine ad. It shows her face, behind another pair of sunglasses, photoshopped over Didion's face. The singer/actress wrote along with the picture, "#JoanDidion @thelovemagazine bad ass." Previously, she did the same to pictures of Queen Elizabeth II and Madonna.

#JoanDidion @thelovemagazine bad ass

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A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

In other news, following Bieber and Stone's sexy shot, the pop star's fans sent threats to the blonde Dutch model. "Hi b**** i hate u. touch justins d*** again and ill kill u im not joking," a fan reportedly wrote on Twitter. "I'll kill that girl," another added. While Stone didn't respond to the abusive warnings, she retweeted users who praised the snapshot. "Blown away by @LaraStone's hotness in her Calvin Klein campaign <3," a user wrote. The 31-year-old model is married to British comedian David Walliams.

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