Charlize Theron Says Seth MacFarlane Called Her Son 'Little Republican'

Charlize Theron Says Seth MacFarlane Called Her Son 'Little Republican'

Theron, who stops by 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' with MacFarlane, also says that her son Jackson recognizes her in movie posters.
Seth MacFarlane called Charlize Theron's son Jackson "little republican," the actress revealed. Theron mentioned it as she stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", airing on Wednesday, May 21, with MacFarlane to promote "A Million Ways to Die in the West".

"He's great. He's great. You know, he pretty much he's just... I just scored big time. He's great. Seth calls him the little Republican," Theron said when Ellen DeGeneres asked about her little guy. She then explained the nickname, "Cause he's just always saying no... 'No, no, no, no, no, no...' Everything's no. 'No, no, no, no, no, no... No, Seth, no. Mama, no. No.' It's a lot of that."

The proud mother continued talking about her young son, telling DeGeneres that Jackson recognized her in movie posters. "He was on the movie when we were shooting so he saw me in the cowboy hat and everything," she said.

"And I was driving him to kindergarten two days ago and we were stopping you know just as we were driving he was like mama, mama, mama, pointing at the posters and there's the one of all four of us and we were at a light and he said, 'Mama where's cowboy hat?' " she recalled.

"And I went 'wow, that's, that's a big, that's great' and then as I look back he has a big grin on his face and he just goes, 'Other lady princess.' He thought [Amanda Seyfried] was a princess and his mama just wore a cowboy hat," she continued.

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