'The Voice' Final Night of Blind Auditions: Blake Shelton Claims Adam Levine Sabotages His Chair

'The Voice' Final Night of Blind Auditions: Blake Shelton Claims Adam Levine Sabotages His Chair

The coaches complete their teams of 12 each on an intense night, during which Blake's chair has a malfunction and turns 360 degrees.
"The Voice" season 5 has come to the final part of the Blind Auditions. Each judges rounded up their teams of 12 each in the October 7 episode, but not without more friendly banter with each other as they pitched themselves to promising talent.

Adam Levine was the first who completed his team after snagging returning contestant Matt Cermanski, who sang "Have a Little Faith in Me" by John Hiatt, and wedding band singer Grey. The other two male coaches also turned their chairs for Grey, but Blake Shelton's chair had a malfunction that caused it to turn away from the stage.

"I did a 360 for your," he tried to convince Grey. Tweeting while the episode was airing, the country music crooner jokingly claimed, "Load of crap! This was rigged! @adamlevine paid someone to turn my chair back around!" Despite being a country singer, Grey chose Adam to be her coach.

Blake, however, nabbed another country singing hopeful, Brandon Chase. Brian Pounds scored the final spot in Blake's team, although Adam and Christina Aguilera tried to convince Blake to choose Cee-Lo Green.

Cee-Lo found himself in a heated argument with Xtina as they both had their eyes on Tamara Chauniece, who is a minister's daughter. He pointed out how they were related as his parents were ministers as well. He ended up winning Tamara over.

Cee-Lo later added flower deliverer Lupe Carroll to his team without a fight since he's the only one who turned around. He rounded his team with Shawn Smith, an Iraq War vet who's nicknamed Big Sexy.

Xtina, who said she looked for a strong male singer to complete her team, nabbed Michael Lynch who covered "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias. She and Adam said the Irish guy reminded them of Michael Jackson.

Team Adam Levine:
  • Ashley DuBose
  • Barry Black
  • Donna Allen
  • Grey
  • James Irwin
  • James Wolpert
  • Justin Blake
  • Matt Cermanski
  • Nic Hawk
  • Preston Pohl
  • Tessanne Chin
  • Will Champlin
Team Blake Shelton:
  • Austin Jenckes
  • Brandon Chase
  • Brian Pounds
  • Cilla Chan
  • E.G. Daily
  • Emily Randolph
  • Justin Chain
  • Holly Henry
  • Monika Leigh
  • Ray Boudreaux
  • Sam Cerniglia
  • Shelbie Z
Team Cee-Lo Green:
  • Anthony Paul
  • Caroline Pennell
  • Cole Vosbury
  • George Horga Jr.
  • Jonny Gray
  • Juhi
  • Kat Robichaud
  • Keaira LaShae
  • Lupe Carroll
  • R. Anthony
  • Shawn Smith
  • Tamara Chauniece
Team Christina Aguilera:
  • Amber Nicole
  • Briana Cuoco
  • Destinee Quinn
  • Jacob Poole
  • Jacquie Lee
  • Josh Logan
  • Lina Gaudenzi
  • Matthew Schuler
  • Michael Lynch
  • Olivia Henken
  • Stephanie Anne Johnson
  • Timyra-Joi

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