Octavia Spencer Files Breach of Contract Lawsuit Against Sensa

Octavia Spencer

The actress claims the company refused to pay the $700,000 they owe her for endorsing their products.
Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer is suing weight-loss company Sensa for breach of contract and fraud after they allegedly tried to back out from paying the remaining $700,000 they owe her from the $1.25 million contract Spencer signed with them to endorse their products. Sensa is reportedly reneging on their deal due to their failed advertising campaign which they blame on Spencer's restrictions and stipulations on the contract.

Sensa got Spencer as an endorser after she won an Oscar for film "The Help" and has in fact lost 20 pounds after five months on the company's weight-loss products. With the help of "a doctor formulated weight loss system" that is sprinkled on food to help the person, "eat less and feel full faster," Spencer lost some extra pounds and admittedly felt better.

But stuff like her refusal to do tabloid ads and before-and-after shots including tagging all sponsored tweets with the #spon hashtag reportedly did not sit well with Sensa executives. Spencer claims the company has resorted to finding ways to avoid making the remaining payments that she is supposed to get from the endorsement deal especially since she has lost the mandatory 20 pounds required of her.

"Sensa manufactures and markets a diet product designed to trick one's brain," Spencer's lawyers wrote in their lawsuit. "Therefore, it's not surprising that it would manufacture allegations against its most prominent spokesperson, Octavia Spencer."

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