Label Boss Pays for Fire Damages Caused by Amanda Bynes

Label Boss Pays for Fire Damages Caused by Amanda Bynes

In addition, there are some pictures which allegedly show a trashed hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC, where she stayed before getting booted.
The driveway damaged by Amanda Bynes in campfire incident a few days ago has been fixed. Daniel Herman, a label boss at Chinga Chang Records, has offered the owner of the house, an elderly woman named Bonnie Braaten, to pay for the cleanup.

Herman told TMZ he'd been following Bynes' journey to become a rap star and would love to sign her to his label. He wrote a $1,000 check to fix the fire damages.

Bynes is currently on a psychiatric hold following the fire incident during which her pant leg caught fire and her dog soaked in gasoline. Her involuntary stay has been extended to two weeks, as a judge delayed decision on her parents' request for conservatorship.

Before she set fire in her neighbor's driveway, Bynes was reported getting kicked out of the Ritz-Carlton in NYC for making a front-desk employee cry and smoking marijuana in her room. She was also accused of trashing the room before she was asked to leave the premises.

Newly-surfaced pictures allegedly showed inside of the room after her stay. The smoke alarm was destroyed, and garbage as well as ashes were seen all over the place. Rumor has it, the Ritz is tallying up a bill for the damages.

In a court hearing, Bynes' parents said their daughter was homeless. They believed the former child actress posed a danger to herself and others, claiming that her erratic behavior was fueled by paranoia, drugs and body image issues.

She was "extremely paranoid about being watched, including at our residence," they claimed. "She would cover smoke alarms with towels, tape windows shut and cover her car dashboard with cardboard and tape out of fear that cameras were watching her from inside these places."

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