Video: Zach Braff Helps 'Scrubs' Fan Propose to Girlfriend

The former 'Scrubs' actor helps Matt Hulbert pop the question and introduces a touching montage of family members and friends to encourage Janice to say yes.

AceShowbiz - Zach Braff helps one lucky man, musician Matt Hulbert, get engaged to marry the woman of his dreams Janice. The former "Scrubs" star lent a helping hand to the proposal scenario after Matt reached out to the actor through Kickstarter when her pledged an amount for Braff's new movie "Wish I Was Here".

Matt says both he and Janice are fans of "Scrubs", and he knew that seeing Braff introduce his proposal would "blow her away." From the look of it through a YouTube video, Janice was indeed left speechless by what her boyfriend did. She cried when watching montage of Team Matt from adorable puppies, bunnies and cats to granny, uncle and even the babies in the family encouraging her to "say yes."

The video opens with Janice sitting in front of computer and Matt by her side. "When you're ready, press the play button," he says. His self-written song played and Braff popped up on the screen with listening to his headphones. "Sorry, you caught me listening to one of my favorite songs by my good friend Matt," the actor says, "man, he can really rock out."

"He asked me to help him with a little question he'd like to ask you, Janice...He knows... that he never became the rock star that he promised you he would become, I'm sure he's a rockstar in your eyes. But he's hoping you can overlook that. And he'd like you to please consider being his wife. Being his bride. But before you answer, let's see what a few other people should do."

After the touching montage of family members and friends' "yes" suggestion, Braff says, "That's pretty unanimous, Matt. And let's be honest, you're never going to score anyone this hot, so I'd stick with her. She's a babe, and we all know how great she is. So go for it, marry her, as Beyonce said, 'If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.' "

In a comment that accompanies the video, Matt says, "I wanted to think of a really cool way to propose to my girlfriend, Janice, and this song and video is what I came up with. I wanted to show her that not only do I love her, but that she's loved by all our friends and family, too. This was particularly important as she hasn't been able to see much of her family for 7 years since she moved to the U.K. and she misses them lots."

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