Amanda Bynes' Album to Be Produced by Waka Flocka Flame

The rapper says he has already hired songwriters for the controversial star's upcoming album 'Shots'.
For those who are still in disbelief over recent news that troubled actress Amanda Bynes will soon become a hip-hop recording artist, rapper Waka Flocka Flame may just be the one to cast those doubts away. The Atlanta rap star has revealed he will be producing the 27-year-old distressed celebrity's first foray into music and he has in fact already hit the ground running on the project.

Flocka says he has already hired songwriters to start creating music for Bynes' first solo studio album, which he had apparently already named "Shots". The Brick Squad Monopoly boss also reveals he has been in constant communication with the former Nickelodeon star, discussing her album which he foretells "is going to be crazy hot."

Through FaceTime chats and text messages, Flocka says he also provides Bynes with much needed support and encouragement as she tries to keep herself afloat amid all controversy and media scrutiny surrounding her. Asked whether he thinks there's something terribly wrong with Bynes, he responds with a straightforward, "Not at all. She has it all together to me."

Bynes bizarre behavior had been exposed by herself through Twitter, where she had traded barbs with Rihanna and Lance Bass. Most recently, she was arrested in New York City for marijuana possession, the time when she reportedly threw a bong out of her apartment window. All the craziness might have turned away Wyclef Jean who was rumored to be one of the artists eyed for Bynes' album, but hopefully it won't repel Drake, whom Bynes has a self-confessed obsession for.

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