'The Bachelorette' Recap: Wedding Dress Up and Rap Session

'The Bachelorette' Recap: Wedding Dress Up and Rap Session

Desiree and Brooks dress as a bride and a groom during their one-on-one date, while some other guys are joined by Soulja Boy to film a music video.
Desiree Hartsock began dating her suitors in the second episode of "The Bachelorette" season 9. The lucky guy who scored the first one-on-one date was Brooks. Though it might be too early to plan a wedding, Desiree took Brooks to a bridal salon where she tried on a wedding dress and he put on a tuxedo. They continued their date in the garb.

They drove around Hollywood before going to the Hollywood sign and having a picnic. Later at night, they had a dinner on a bridge that was closed for the filming. Brooks opened up about his difficult childhood and his parents' divorce, and the pair later danced to music by R&B singer Andy Grammer. Desiree gave him a rose.

Dan, Juan Pablo, Zach K, Kasey, Will, Brian, Drew, James, Mikey, Zak W, Nick, Michael, Brandon and Ben were on a date group, where they would be filming a music video with Soulja Boy. The guys spit the verse and showed some dance moves. Ben scored a solo and got one-on-one time with Desiree as he filmed his part.

The date continued at a cocktail party, where Zak gave Desiree a diary to show his non-stripper side. Mikey was talking about his family when Ben stole Des away. As Ben managed to steal a kiss from her, he made enemies on the show with Mikey T. accusing him of being fake. Ben might think that it's all worth it since his move earned him a rose.

Bryden got the second one-on-one date card and went on a road trip with Des. They hit a beach for a picnic before heading to Ojai for a dinner. Bryden shared a story about nearly dying while he was in army. They soaked in a hot tub and sealed the date with a kiss after Des gave him a rose.

Before the Rose Ceremony, the guys tried to have a private time with Des, but the boys were not pleased that Ben stole her away though he already had a rose. Des eventually gave the roses to James, Kasey, Dan, Juan Pablo, Brad, Chris, Brian, Zak W., Drew, Mikey, Zach K., Michael and Brandon, sending Will, Robert and Nick home.

More drama is coming next week as a preview for the upcoming episode shows ambulances and hints at secret girlfriends.

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