Netflix Is Up for More 'Arrested Development'

Netflix Is Up for More 'Arrested Development'

The company's CEO Reed Hastings says they are willing to do more episodes of the show if the cast and crew agree too.
Netflix is open to possibility of bringing another "Arrested Development" season. Although there's still no official plan for a fifth season of the cult comedy, the company's CEO Reed Hastings has said there's hope for that.

"Arrested is unique because that's really up to the talent," he told CNBC on Wednesday, May 29. "If the talent were willing to do more... I'm sure we would be willing." Although the online streaming service wouldn't release the number of viewership, Hastings claimed "Arrested Development" sampling was "huge, just as we had hoped."

Jason Bateman previously stated there could be more "Arrested Development" since there were more stories to tell from the Bluths. "[Creator] Mitch Hurwitz's intention always was to do a movie and when he started to write the movie script, the story that he wanted to tell was too long and too big to fit in a standard movie script," he shared. "So he decided to take the first act of that movie and put it these episodes. Acts two or three will either be in a movie or a longer form on Netflix."

Michael Cera was also up for an "Arrested Development" movie. He said, "If there was a script and there was a start date, I think everyone would be there, and hopefully it'll come to pass. It would be really fun and it would be a nice way to wrap it up. This season has a lot of setup and a lot of things that could expand. It can go in a lot of different directions from here."

The 15-episode season 4 of "Arrested Development" was unleashed on Netflix Sunday May 26 starting at 12:01 A.M. PDT. Though it garnered mixed reviews from critics, the revived comedy apparently still appealed to devoted fans as broadband technology firm Procera Networks reported that thirty-six percent of all devices connected to Netflix via one unspecified DSL network watched "Arrested Development". It's three times the viewership "House of Cards" posted a few months ago.

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