David Spade Donates $200,000 to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

David Spade

The 'Rules of Engagement' star makes donation to support life-saving missions which are carried out by the Red Cross for the victims of tornado which struck Oklahoma.
David Spade has made a good deed to people in needs. The funnyman reportedly has made generous donation as much as $200,000 to Red Cross in order to help victims of tornado that hit Oklahoma. E! News reported that the actor once had terrible experience related to the catastrophe, which prompted him to help the survivors.

"When I was four, I moved from Michigan to Arizona and our house got hit by a tornado a week later. Always been scared of them. I know the Red Cross will do everything they can to help people get the help they need," Spade told the site.

Besides making donation, Spade also encouraged his Twitter followers to make contribution. "Hey everyone, obviously brutal in midwest w tornadoes. I just kicked some money to http://redcross.org try to give a bit if u can," he wrote on Wednesday, May 22.

Many celebrities sent prayers and support via Twitter, while others such as Kevin Durant provided help financially. NBA reported that the Oklahoma City Thunder player donated $1 million to the Red Cross to assist with emergency-related things needed by the survivors. Red Cross's regional CEO Janienne Bella noted that the Red Cross "relies on its donors to perform its mission in relieving human suffering following disasters" and thanked the basketball player for his contribution.

Los Angeles Dodgers' player Matt Kemp pledged $1,000 to the Red Cross after he made a home run on Monday night. He tweeted, "I'm giving $1000 for tonight's HR and every HR until the All-Star break for the victims of my hometown in OKC."

The deadly tornado which touched down on Monday in Oklahoma destroyed houses and other buildings, killed at least 24 people and injured about 240, according to Reuters. Rescue teams are still searching for survivors under debris, but they are apparently sure that all missing victims have been accounted for. Spokesman for Oklahoma Emergency Management said that the team's focus would be shifted to the major cleanup job.

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