Jennifer Aniston Shows Cupping Marks on Her Back at Film Premiere

Jennifer Aniston

The 'Wanderlust' actress apparently tries to cover cupping marks on her back using foundation, but the marks are still visible.
Jennifer Aniston showed several round marks on her back, which seemed to be the result of cupping, at the premiere of Lifetime's "Call Me Crazy" which she co-produced. The actress wore black strapless top and styled her hair in ponytail at the event on Tuesday, April 16. She apparently tried to conceal the round marks using foundation, but they were still visible when she turned around.

Cupping is a form of traditional eastern alternative medicine which is used to improve blood circulation and ease back and neck pain. Doctors use heated small cups and place them on the back. The cups will create suction effect after they are placed on the skin. The circle marks as the results of the cupping will stay for a few days.

Back at the red carpet event, Aniston who is engaged to Justin Theroux since last summer told E! News that she had not picked a wedding dress. "No, I don't," she said. Aniston admitted jokingly that wedding planing "might make me crazy."

Of "Call Me Crazy", the 44-year-old actress said that she and "Call Me Crazy" cast members wanted to erase stigma related to mental-illness via the film. Aniston said, "Mental illness seemed to be [a topic] that a lot of us felt was an important one and touched a lot of our lives, a lot of our families lives. That seemed like one that needed attention because all of the stigma around it and the sort of shame around it."

The film's star Melissa Leo told The Hollywood Reporter, "I think it's a subject that bears a little more discussion in our society. If a television show can prompt discussion, and I think it can, then I'm happy to be a part of it." Leo's co-star Sarah Hyland added, "It [this film] shines light on those people, dealing with friends or family who have a mental disorder. It shows how strong they are. I hope they find inspiration in it." "Call Me Crazy" will premiere on Lifetime on April 20 at 8 P.M.

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