Jodie Foster Weighs In on Kristen Stewart's Affair

Jodie Foster

The senior actress recalled the days she was a child actor, saying she would not have survived today like Stewart.
Jodie Foster has defended Kristen Stewart who cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson, saying the public often unknowingly destroy childhoods. In an open letter posted exclusively on The Daily Beast, the senior actress pled with the world to give Kristen a break and told her on-screen daughter that "this too shall pass".

Comparing her days as child actress, Foster said, "If I were a young actor today I would quit before I started. If I had to grow up in this media culture, I don't think I could survive it emotionally." She added, "Actors who become celebrities are supposed to be grateful for the public interest. After all, they're getting paid. Just to set the record straight, a salary for a given on-screen performance does not include the right to invade anyone's privacy, to destroy someone's sense of self."

Then she recalled shooting "Panic Room" with Stewart in 2001. "We talked and laughed for hours, sharing spontaneous mysteries and venting our boredom. I grew to love that kid," she said. Foster did not think that Stewart, then 11 years old, would want to be an actress when she grew up, but her mother said, "yes...unfortunately".

Foster continued, "I was pregnant at the time and found myself daydreaming of the child I might have soon. Would she be just like Kristen? All that beautiful talent and fearlessness ...would she jump and dunk and make me so proud?"

Foster also revealed how the media has taken away Stewart's innocence. "A beautiful young woman strides down the sidewalk alone, head down, hands drawn into fists. She's walking fast, darting around huge men with black cameras thrusting at her mouth and chest. 'Kristen, how do you feel?' 'Smile Kris!' 'Hey, hey, did you get her?' 'I got her. I got her!' The young woman doesn't cry. F**k no. She doesn't look up. She's learned. She keeps her head down, her shades on, fists in her pockets. Don't speak. Don't look. Don't cry."

Her ultimate advice for Stewart was, "Hopefully in the process you don't lose your ability to throw your arms in the air again and spin in wild abandon. That is the ultimate F.U. And -finally- the most beautiful survival tool of all. Don't let them take that away from you."

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