Marc Webb and Rhys Ifans Explain Mystery Man in 'Amazing Spider-Man' End Credits

Marc Webb and Rhys Ifans Explain Mystery Man in 'Amazing Spider-Man' End Credits

Director Webb invites fans to speculate about the mysterious character, while the Curt Connors depicter nearly gives a spoilerish info as stating that the man is 'a representative from Oscorp.'
"The Amazing Spider-Man" has already opened nationwide and for those who have watched the movie, they have been given a sort of unsolved puzzle in the end credits. In it, [SPOILER ALERT!] a jailed Curt Connors gets a visit from a mystery man, who apparently has an important information about Peter Parker's father, Richard.

Since speculations started to run wild on who the mystery man was, director Marc Webb and the Curt depicter himself, Rhys Ifans, took some time to tease the answer. Speaking to MTV News, Webb carefully stated, "We wanted to convey that there were more forces at work than you may have initially thought."

"That's all I can say about that. But I invite speculation. I think it's very fun and interesting to listen to," he said. Refusing to explain further on whether the man was another villain that might appear in the sequel, Webb insisted, "I am not going to go that far, but certainly [he] will play a role in the future, in some fashion or another."

On the other hand, Ifans almost spoiled the mid-credits scene when asked the same question. "Connors is sent to an asylum, a high-security asylum, as you would be if you threw police towers across the Brookly Bridge," he said of the scene.

"And he's visited by, shall we say, a representative from Oscorp. How he gets into that cell and how he leaves that cell without the guards knowing? We have yet to find out," Ifans continued without revealing if the "representative" was Norman Osborn, who played a significant role in the film though the character was unseen.

"There is a silhouette on a display as Peter enters Oscorp, which reads, 'Our founder, Norman Osborn'," Ifans added. "There is a back story to that... which I will not reveal to you!" The blond actor went on gushing that he's happy Curt was still alive at the end of the film. However, he wouldn't confirm if the character might return to the sequel or not.

"Nothing's written in stone," Ifans claimed. "But I was pleased to see that I was still alive and breathing at the end of the film."

Released in the U.S. since July 3, "The Amazing Spider-Man" has broken the record for Tuesday opening by taking $35 million. It beat previous record-holder "Transformers" which opened to $27.8 million on July 3, 2007.

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