Sharon Stone Calls Former Nanny's Harassment Lawsuit 'Absurd' and 'Frivolous'

Sharon Stone

The 'Lovelace' actress has been accused by Erlinda T. Elemen of making derogatory comments about her Filipino heritage and religious beliefs as well as firing her for receiving overtime pay.
Sharon Stone is defending herself against the harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit filed by her former in-house nanny. A representative for the "Basic Instinct" star has just released a statement regarding the issue that read, "This is an absurd lawsuit that has been filed by a disgruntled ex-employee who is obviously looking to get money any way she can."

"After she was terminated approximately one-and-a-half years ago, she filed claims for alleged disability and worker's compensation," the rep further stated. "Now, she is obviously looking for another opportunity to cash in. This is a frivolous lawsuit for absurd claims that are made-up and fabricated. Sharon Stone will be completely vindicated in court."

Erlinda T. Elemen, filed her lawsuit against Stone in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, May 23. In her nine-page civil complaint, she alleged that the "Lovelace" star repeatedly made disparaging remarks about her ethnicity, including making comments "which equated being Filipino with being stupid."

Elemen, who claimed to have been promoted to head nanny of Stone's three children in 2008, further said in her suit that the 54-year-old actress forbade her from speaking to the kids because she didn't want them to "talk like you." She also accused Stone of criticizing her religious beliefs and forbidding her from reading the Bible in the actress' house.

In her suit, Elemen also claimed that Stone illegally fired her in February 2011 for accepting overtime pay. She detailed that after Stone found out her staff had paid Elemen overtime, she told Elemen that it was "illegal" for her to have taken the pay, and asked for the money back.

On the termination issue, Elemen's lawyer Solomon Gresen said in a statement, "Because abuses in overtime pay are common for household employees, it seems ironic that Ms. Stone initially did the right thing and paid Mrs. Elemen overtime wages, and then terminated her for accepting those same wages."

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