Dave and Rachel Win 'The Amazing Race' After an Early Celebration

Dave and Rachel Win 'The Amazing Race' After an Early Celebration

The married couple, who almost loses their lead for not completing the final Roadblock, manages to complete the task and get back to check in first at the last leg in Hawaii.
After traveling around the world, the four remaining teams of "The Amazing Race" season 4 left Cochin, India for Hiroshima, Japan in the two-hour finale that aired Sunday, May 6. Dave and Rachel departed first, but they boarded the same plane with the other teams.

Once arriving, they must buy bus tickets, but Rachel R. and Brendon missed the bus to the train station and had to take another bus. Next, the teams must take a train to head to Mariaja Island, but Dave and Rachel missed the train. When Rachel R. and Brendon managed to catch up with the other teams, Dave and Rachel were left way behind since they also missed a ferry.

In the morning, teams got the next clue which told them to go to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park for a little reflection. Their next destination was Osaka, where they faced Roadblock. They had to participate in a Japanese game show called "Bring That Chicken Home", where one team member must run on a treadmill, grab rubber chickens, and bring them to the finish line.

Art finished first, followed by Brendon, Rachel and Vanessa, who ignored Ralph's instruction to abandon the task and just take the penalty. They and their teammates then headed to the Umeda Sky Building and had to locate the Window 7 touch screen TVs. Detour was awaiting next, where the choice was between Bingo Shout-Out and Photo Cut-Out.

In Bingo Shout-Out, teams had to correctly identify sushi and place it on a bingo board. Once they got the correct five pieves, they must eat them all. In Photo Cut-Out, teams must convince people to take a picture with a cardboard cutout of a sumo wrestler.

Dave and Rachel opted for the photo challenge and completed it first. They headed to the pit stop at Osaka Castle where they were declared team number one. They won a trip for two to New Zealand. After getting lost, Art and JJ arrived in the second place, followed by Brendon and Rachel R. Vanessa and Ralph were the last team to arrive and got eliminated.

The remaining three teams continued the race and took a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. Once arriving, they had to find the Waterfront Towers, where they had to get their clue at the top of the 45-story building.

The clue led them to the first Roadblock on Sand Island, where they would take a helicopter to their next location on Oahu's North Shore. There, they joined a Surf Rescue team and had to rescue a distressed swimmer.

After completing the task, they headed to Coral Kingdom Gate for the second and final Roadblock, but Rachel and Dave somehow missed the Roadblock and headed straight to the Finish Line on Secret Island. Though they were overjoyed at the fact that they arrived first, host Phil Keoghan sent them back to the Roadblock.

In the final Roadblock, teams rode an ATV to a dock where they had to paddle surf to the Finish Line. Rachel and Dave amazingly managed to complete it first and came back to meet Phil, who declared them the winner of this season. They took home the grand prize of $1 million. Art and JJ arrived second, with Brendon Rachel R. checking in third.

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