Fellow 'DWTS' Contestants Downplay Jaleel White's Reported Clash With Kym Johnson

Fellow 'DWTS' Contestants Downplay Jaleel White's Reported Clash With Kym Johnson

Commenting on White's alleged outburst in a 'Dancing with the Stars' rehearsal, Sherri Shepherd says that it's an intense week for everybody, while Donald Driver believes it's 'over-exaggerated'.
Jaleel White has found himself in a center of behind-the-scenes drama after reports came out that he lashed out at his "Dancing with the Stars" pro-partner Kym Johnson during a rehearsal. After the former "Family Matters" star assured that tabloids made it much bigger deal than it really was, two of his fellow contestants came to his defense and downplayed the incident.

Sherri Shepherd shared her thought on the alleged fight when speaking to Zap2It on Tuesday, April 3 morning. "It was very intense for Jaleel," she said via Skype, "it was an intense week for everybody. I think everybody was emotional because we were just trying to make it through. We had to learn the dance in two days rather than a week."

Donald Driver, who reportedly had to break up the fight, also said that the stories are "over-exaggerated". He further explained, "People make more out of it then what it is. You're going to have the hoots and hollers and yells and walks always, but at the end of the day, it's about what people do and coming out and dancing well." He added that he doesn't "have no beef with" White.

Report of White having a heated confrontation with Johnson was brought to attention by Us Weekly. An insider told the publication that the 35-year-old actor accidentally stepped on Johnson's foot during rehearsal session on Friday, March 30. When the pro-dancer expressed discomfort, the actor "flipped out" and chastised her for "acting like a baby."

According to the magazine, Johnson left the studio in tears after White shouted at her and called her an "idiot." When Donald Driver came to try to calm him down, White shouted at the producers "about how they put him with a 'stupid' partner," and got in a heated argument with pro dancer Mark Ballas. The insider explained, "The producers stepped in and broke it up before it got physical."

After the performance show on Monday, April 2 night, White told Access Hollywood that he and Johnson "are fine". He elaborated, "This is a competition and people have to understand that the tabloids, sadly, like to have fun with this show." On the incident itself, he stressed, "I'm done with that. I got to celebrate tonight. We're still at the top of the leaderboard really."

Johnson also shared her thought on the rumors as saying, "It has been a stressful week for us and we've gotten through it and we've never let anything come between our connection." The 35-year-old went on to note, "We have to just like disregard those tabloids and just move ahead."

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