Kevin Feige: 'The Avengers' Is Told From Nick Fury's Perspective

Samuel L. Jackson

Marvel Studios' President of Production says that Fury will have a bigger role in the upcoming film since he will be 'very active and in command on the Helicarrier and really gets into the action.'
While director Joss Whedon once said that "The Avengers" will be told mainly from Captain America's point of view, Marvel's President of Production Kevin Feige thinks that the upcoming movie stands in the perspective of S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Nick Fury. Feige explained that the character played by Samuel L. Jackson will have an expanded role compared to the ones he had in "Iron Man 2", "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger".

"The promise we made to Sam was when we got to 'The Avengers' it would be his time to shine," said Feige. "Sam was very pleased when he got the script and saw how many great scenes Nick Fury had in the film. He is very active and in command on the Helicarrier and really gets into the action. If I had to say which character's point of view the film is told from it would be Nick Fury's."

Commenting on his expanded role in the ensemble movie, Jackson gushed, "It's great to be the guy who is the organizer of 'The Avengers' team." The actor added, "He's the guy who has the raison-d'etre that kind of understands the threat and has to get them to understand the nature of the threat; that we're a lot stronger together than they are individually."

"Using Coulson in a manipulative way to get them to do what he needs them to do is not above Nick's character," Jackson continued. "He does kind of fudge the truth a bit to get them to take the bait and join in, and eventually they all do."

Aside from talking about Fury, Feige discussed Robert Downey Jr.'s important role as Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man. "Robert [Downey Jr.] is a tour de force as Tony Stark and he injects that confidence and sense of humor that brought to life and defined the character in the best way possible in both 'Iron Man' films," he said.

"We wanted to give Robert scenes with all the characters as we knew it would be a lot of fun to watch Tony's interaction with Captain America, Thor and The Hulk," the producer added. "When Robert walks on the screen, the audience embrace him in a very big and palpable way; he really is a powerhouse for us and the film."

Downey Jr. chimed in while explaining how Iron Man feels when joining the "superhero boy band." He said, "Tony initially thinks it's ridiculous, but being Tony Stark, he is more open to the realm of possibilities that exist in the world of 'The Avengers'. Tony already had hints of it from Nick Fury who has been stringing him along for a while about becoming part of a larger universe."

"The Avengers" will open wide in the U.S. on May 4, but before that, the film is scheduled to close the 11th Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 28. Also supporting the star-studded movie are Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo.

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