2012 Tribeca Film Festival Competition Lineup Announced

2012 Tribeca Film Festival Competition Lineup Announced

TFF reveals 24 narrative and documentary titles in the competition lineup, in addition to announcing Viewpoints list that consists of 14 films, including James Franco's 'Francophrenia'.
The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival has, on Tuesday, March 6, announced its lineup of qualified films that will compete in world narrative and documentary sections. The fest also revealed selections for its out of competition viewpoint movies.

Among the list of 12 competitive narrative films, half are international productions including an American/Mexican film called "The Girl" starring Abbie Cornish as a single mother who smuggles immigrants over the border. There's also a film from Israel, "Yossi", about the life of a gay in Tel Aviv.

In the competitive documentary section, there is a film called "The List" which follows a former American contractor in Iraq who helps an abandoned Iraqis upon his way home to the U.S. Meanwhile, James Franco's directorial pic "Francophrenia" is listed in the viewpoints lineup along with some other edgy films.

While announcing the initial lineup, Tribeca's executive director, Nancy Schafer, stated, "It's been so gratifying to watch the new programming team come together and hear their dialogue around film." She added, "Their passion is inspiring and is reflected in the strength and breadth of the program."

Tribeca's chief creative officer, Geoffrey Gilmore, said of the competition lineup, "The competition of any festival represents a window into its character and its agendas. Tribeca's competition annually showcases our desire to present exceptional work across a spectrum of storytelling, places of origin, and aesthetics. This year, we present a balanced mix of American and international filmmaking, with what we believe has a special quality and exemplifies a range in the selection."

This year's TFF will include feature films from 32 different countries, including 54 World Premieres, 4 International Premieres, 16 North American Premieres, 10 U.S. Premieres and 6 New York Premieres. A total of 107 directors will be presenting feature works at the festival, with 33 of these filmmakers presenting their feature directorial debuts.

The 11th edition of the biggest movie festival in the U.S. will take place from April 18 to April 29 at locations around New York City. Jason Segel and Emily Blunt's romantic comedy "The Five-Year Engagement" has been chosen to be TFF's opener. Full lineup for the upcoming fest will be revealed on Thursday.

World Narrative Feature Competition:
  • "All In" (La Suerte En Tus Manos) - (Argentina) directed by Daniel Burman, written by Daniel Burman and Sergio Dubcovsky.
  • "Beyond the Hill" (Tepenin Ardi) - (Turkey, Greece) directed and written by Emin Alper.
  • "First Winter" - (U.S.) directed and written by Benjamin Dickinson.
  • "The Girl" - (U.S., Mexico) directed and written by David Riker.
  • "Jack and Diane" - (U.S.) directed and written by Bradley Rust Gray.
  • "Nancy, Please" - (U.S.) directed by Andrew Semans, written by Will Heinrich and Andrew Semans.
  • "Postcards From the Zoo" (Kebun Binatang) - (Indonesia) directed by Edwin, written by Edwin, Daud Sumolang, and Titien Wattimena.
  • "Una Noche" - (U.K., Cuba, U.S.) directed and written by Lucy Mulloy.
  • "Unit 7" (Grupo 7) - (Spain) directed by Alberto Rodriguez, written by Rafael Cobos and Alberto Rodriguez.
  • "War Witch" (Rebelle) - (Canada) directed and written by Kim Nguyen.
  • "While We Were Here" - (U.S.) directed and written by Kat Coiro.
  • "Yossi" (Ha-Sippur Shel Yossi) - (Israel) directed by Eytan Fox, written by Itay Segal.
World Documentary Feature Competition:
  • "Ballroom Dancer" - (Denmark) directed and written by Christian Bonke and Andreas Koefoed.
  • "Downeast" - (U.S.) directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin.
  • "Fame High" - (U.S.) directed and written by Scott Hamilton Kennedy.
  • "The Flat" (Ha-dira) - (Israel, Germany) directed and written by Arnon Goldfinger.
  • "High Tech, Low Life" - (U.S., China) directed by Stephen Maing.
  • "The List" - (U.S.) directed by Beth Murphy.
  • "Off Label" - (U.S.) directed by Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher.
  • "Planet of Snail" - (South Korea) directed by Seung-Jun Yi.
  • "The Revisionaries" - (U.S.) directed by Scott Thurman, written by Jawad Metni and Scott Thurman.
  • "The Virgin, the Copts and Me" (La Vierges, les Coptes et Moi) - (French, Qatar) directed by Namir Abdel Messeeh, written by Namir Abdel Messeeh, Nathalie Najem, and Anne Paschetta.
  • "Wavumba" - (Netherlands) directed by Jeroen van Velzen, written by Jeroen van Velzen and Sara Kee.
  • "The World Before Her" - (Canada) directed by Nisha Pahuja.
  • "Babygirl" - (Ireland, U.S.) directed and written by Macdara Vallely.
  • "Benji" - (U.S.) directed by Coodie and Chike.
  • "Burn" - (U.S.) directed by Tom Putnam and Brenna Sanchez.
  • "Caroline and Jackie" - (U.S.) directed and written by Adam Christian Clark.
  • (Katinkas Kalas) - (Sweden) directed by Levan Akin, written by Lisa Ostberg.
  • "Consuming Spirits" - (U.S.) directed and written by Chris Sullivan.
  • "Cut" - (Japan) directed by Amir Naderi, written by Amir Naderi and Abou Farman.
  • "Death of a Superhero" - (Ireland, Germany) directed by Ian Fitzgibbon, written by Anthony McCarten.
  • "El Gusto" - (Algeria, Irelanda, UAE) directed and written by Safinez Bousbia.
  • "Fairhaven" - (U.S.) directed and written by Tom O'Brien.
  • "The Fourth Dimension" - (U.S.) directed by Harmony Korine, Alexey Fedorchenko, and Jan Kwiecinski, written by Harmony Korine, Alexey Fedorchenko, Jan Kwiecinski, Oleg Loevsky, and Yaroslava Pulinovich.
  • "Francophrenia" (or: Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is) - (U.S.) directed by Ian Olds and James Franco, written by Ian Olds and Paul Felten.
  • "Journey to Planet X" - (U.S.) directed by Josh Koury and Myles Kane.
  • "On The Mat" - (U.S.) directed and written by Fredric Golding.
  • "Resolution" - (U.S.) directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead, written by Justin Benson.
  • "Room 514" - (Israel) directed and written by Sharon Bar-Ziv.
  • "Rubberneck" - (U.S.) directed by Alex Karpovsky, written by Alex Karpovsky and Garth Donovan.
  • "Sexy Baby" - (U.S.) directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus.
  • "Stones in the Sun" (Woch nan Soley) - (U.S., Haiti) directed and written by P. Benoit.
  • "Supporting Characters" - (U.S.) directed by Daniel Schechter, written by Tarik Lowe and Daniel Schechter.
  • "Town of Runners" - (U.K.) directed by Jerry Rothwell.
  • "Turn Off the Lights" - (Romania) directed by Ivana Mladenovic, written by Ivana Mladenovic and Bianca Oana.

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