Jay-Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa Make Billboard Power 100 List

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa Make Billboard Power 100 List

The Roc Nation founder and his singer wife, Beyonce Knowles, are among a few of recording artists who appear on the list along with Swift, GaGa and U2.
Who are the most powerful persons in the music industry? Billboard magazine reveals powerhouse couple Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles along with record-breaking singer Taylor Swift and envelope-pushing artist Lady GaGa among the influential figures who have made great impact in the rapidly-changing music business.

The selections were determined by a combination of key factors including market share, exclusive Billboard chart data/boxscore information, and revenue, which were later analyzed by a team of 15 magazine editors. The final result is quite diverse as it includes not only recording artists but also executives in television, movies and recording company.

Jigga and Queen Bey were ranked at No. 13, the highest spot for a recording artist. They were recognized for selling million copies of albums and songs, and placing their records on various Billboard charts throughout their careers. They were additionally applauded for their expanded business in forming record label, launching clothing line and striking major sponsorship deals with top brands.

21-year-old Swift secured the 78th position in the list, which is led by Line Nation Chairman/CEO Irving Azoff. She's praised for becoming "a branding powerhouse" with her "humble approach." At such young age, she's credited for her massive success with her albums, songs, tour and endorsements with top-notch companies including CoverGirl and Target.

Several spots lower, there's GaGa sitting at No. 84. The Mother Monster received a nod for being a visionary who has turned "the idea of social marketing on its head." Not only does the outlandish singer score worldwide success with her music but she also "takes a stand and uses her notoriety for good." She's an outspoken advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Another recording artist who made it to the list is music act U2. Bono, The Edge and their bandmates were placed at No. 27. They "represent the pinnacle of achievement for the business of touring" for pulling a big success with their 360 tour. The combination of their "touring supremacy and musical relevance puts it far ahead of the pack in the business of music."

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