'Amazing Race' Recap: U-Turn Gives Dead End for Laurence and Zac

'Amazing Race' Recap: U-Turn Gives Dead End for Laurence and Zac

The father and son duo are eliminated in the eighth leg after they are U-Turned by Bill and Cathi who also get a U-Turn from Ernie and Cindy.
Ineffective U-Turn has cost a lot for Laurence and Zac on "The Amazing Race". The adventurers were eliminated in the Sunday, November 13 episode after they were U-Turned by another team while they had wasted their own U-Turn in the previous leg.

In this eighth leg, all six teams left Malawi and headed to Copenhagen, Denmark. Laurence and Zac decided not to take the first flight with other teams and boarded another plane to London in hope of getting an earlier flight to Copenhagen. Their strategy was proven to be right as they arrived first in Copenhagen.

Laurence and Zac hopped a taxi to the bell tower only to find out that the place does not open until 7:30 A.M., which gave a chance to other teams to catch up. Amani and Marcus, meanwhile, risked a lot when they decided to take a nap in the Amsterdam airport instead of flying to Copenhagen as soon as possible. They boarded a plane in the morning while the rest of the teams had jetted off the night before.

At the bell tower, the teams must climb over 400 steps to find a flag and a banner which gave a clue to their next destination, which was Frederskburg Castle. Jeremy and Sandy misread the clue and went to the wrong direction before they chose to go back to the bell tower and re-read the clue, bumping into Amani and Marcus who have just arrived.

The teams faced Roadblock at the castle where one team member had to dress in period costume and learn a complex three-part dance from an instructor. Once the Countess was pleased with their dance, they received their next clue. Ernie easily mastered the dance routine, while Zac seemed to be confused.

Ernie and Cindy completed the Roadblock first and headed to Frilandmusald. They learnt that they faced Detour which was a choice between All Hopped Up and All Churned Out. In Hopped, they must build a steeplechase course for a rabbit lead the rabbit run through the course. In Churned, the teams must make six sticks of high quality butter.

After completing the Churned, Cindy decided to use their U-Turn against Bill and Cathi to secure their first place. Learning they were U-Turned, Bill and Cathi U-Turned Laurence and Zac just to be sure that another team would be behind them although Amani and Marcus were actually left long behind.

Ernie and Cindy eventually reached the pit stop at the Havet Ship first and won a trip for two to Fiji. Bill and Cathi, who had to take the other Detour, quickly finished the rabbit course and arrived at the pit stop as team number two. Andy and Tommy, who decided not to U-Turn anyone, arrived the third at the pit stop.

Laurence was upset when finding out that they were U-Turned and must complete the Hopped. They spotted Amani and Marcus who almost completed the Detour. Amani and Marcus finally arrived in the fourth place. Laurence and Zac were now racing up against Jeremy and Sandy.

However, Laurence and Zac lost in the race to get to the pit stop after they hit traffic, giving the fifth place to Jeremy and Sandy. The father and son duo finally arrived the last and were eliminated.

In next week's episode, the remaining five teams will continue the race in Belgium.

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