'Amazing Race' Recap: Jennifer and Justin Eliminated After Being Clueless

'Amazing Race' Recap: Jennifer and Justin Eliminated After Being Clueless

The brother and sister duo arrive the last in the seventh leg after Jennifer makes a mistake in the Roadblock as she does not read the clue thoroughly.
"The Amazing Race" continued the race in Africa in a Sunday, November 6 episode. After spending a night at Kumbali Village, the remaining teams headed to the village of Salima with a bus in this seventh leg.

For being the winner in last leg, Andy and Tommy could start earlier than other teams. They departed at 5:30 A.M., but the bus only left at 7 A.M. Justin and Jennifer followed next, but they and the rest of the teams ended up taking the same bus.

Upon arriving at their destination, the teams faced Roadblock where one member of each teams had to use a bicycle taxi to take a customer holding fish to one of three different destinations. After delivering the passenger, they must return to the start to hand in their earnings and get the next clue.

Amani and Marcus, however, had a Speed Bump to complete first before doing the Roadblock. They had to to solve a slide puzzle that depicted the new Flag of Malawi.

While completing the challenge, Andy's bike broke and he tried to get local people to help fix it. Jennifer, meanwhile, did not know what to do after delivering the passenger since she did not read the clue thoroughly. She kept waiting while the other contestants, including Marcus, have returned to the start point. Jennifer finally decided to return to her partner in hopes that it was the right thing to do.

Next, the teams had to choose either "dugout" or "lugout" for Detour. In "dugout", they had to do a canoe race on Lake Malawi, while the teams who choose "lugout" had to unload a cargo freighter on the lake. Once they finished the Detour, the teams headed to the Jamaica shop.

Ernie and Cindy as well as Andy and Tommy, who were in the first and second place respectively, learnt it was a Double U-Turn, but both teams decided not to use it. They headed to Sunbird Livingstonia Beach which was the pit stop.

On their way, Cindy was exhausted and took a rest for a while, giving a chance to Andy and Tommy to catch them up. The pro snowboarders once again arrived first and win $15,000 from Discover card to share. Ernie and Cindy, meanwhile, were team number two.

Bill and Cathi as well as Amani and Marcus followed in the third and fourth place respectively. Laurence and Zac arrived at the Double U-Turn and decided to U-Turn Marcus and Amani, but it was not valid because Marcus and Amani were ahead of them. Laurence and Zac finally arrived as team number five, followed by Jeremy and Sandy.

Justin and Jennifer, meanwhile, arrived the last and were eliminated. Jennifer regretted that she did not listen to her gut, but at least she and her brother got closer during the race.

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