'Amazing Race' Recap: Broke Twins Sent Home

'Amazing Race' Recap: Broke Twins Sent Home

Liz and Marie arrive the last once again in the fifth leg during which they have to ask for free taxi rides since they've run out of money.
Liz and Marie could not count on their luck again on the Sunday, October 23 episode of "The Amazing Race". After escaping the elimination last week despite arriving the last, the twins once again came behind the pack in the fifth leg which began at the floating village of Koh Panyi in Thailand.

All eight teams must travel by an elephant up a river, but Liz and Marie had to wash some elephants first as a Speed Bump task for arriving the last in the previous leg. Meanwhile, Andy and Tommy got the clue first which told them to find a waterfall area where a man was playing a traditional Thai flute. Once they found it, they had to dive under the water to get the next clue.

The clue led them to a spirit house which they must disassemble and carry to a local shop. Upon arriving there, they had to reassemble the spirit house. Andy and Tommy got a trouble remembering how the spirit house looks like, so they had to go back to the previous stop and took another look.

As for Justin and Jennifer, they figured out that the next task might be to reassemble the spirit house, so they took a picture of it before tearing it apart. Meanwhile, Laurence and Zac also had to went back to take notes of the complete look of the spirit house.

After completing the spirit house, the teams headed to Bangkok on bus. Ernie and Cindy got a trouble paying their cab which took them to the station. The taxi driver would not accept the US$100 they gave and they had to add another US$50.

Liz and Marie, meanwhile, could not afford for bus tickets after spending a lot of cash on their taxi. They almost missed the bus before the cab driver offered to take them to the bus which was already driven off but was later stopped.

After arriving in Bangkok the next morning, the team must feed koi fish. Ernie and Cindy completed the task first, but they blew out their chance to lead the pack as they decided to get out of the cab which was stuck in traffic on their way to the pit stop. Liz and Marie got a bigger problem as they did not have more cash. After refusing to beg for money, they surprisingly found a taxi driver willing to take them to Bangkok Noi for free.

Amani and Marcus finally arrived first at the pit stop at the M.R. Kukrit Heritage Home and won a trip to Bali. "We are like an NFL team," Marcus commented on their performance. "We sputtered a little bit early. We're starting to get a little momentum. If we can keep it going, I think we're a team to look out for when it comes playoff time."

Bill and Cathi came after Amani and Marcus, while Ernie and Cindy, who walked for the rest of their way to the pit stop, arrived the third. Justin and Jennifer were team number four, followed by Tommy and Andy. Laurence and Zac were team number six, while Jeremy and Sandy, who thought they were the last to arrive, were happy to learn that they were team number 7.

Liz and Marie could not catch up with the other teams and arrived the last. When host Phil Keoghan announced they were eliminated, the girls began to sob. The twins opened up how they thought it's been a bad year for them and they wanted to make their recently dead father proud.

Next week on October 30, the remaining seven teams travel to Africa where the tasks include moving loads of tobacco in a warehouse.

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