'Amazing Race' Recap: Eliminated Cowboys Enjoy Fondue Cheese

'Amazing Race' Recap: Eliminated Cowboys Enjoy Fondue Cheese

Jet and Cord are taking their time to eat a bunch of fondue after the Globetrotters choose to U-turn them.
The Sunday, April 24 episode of "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business" started off in Austria where six remaining teams caught a train to Liechtenstein. Once arriving there, they faced a Road Block which told them to measure the entire length of the country on a motorized bike (a Solex), using an odometer and a map.

Gary and Mallory, who arrived in last place in previous leg, faced Speed Bump in this Road Block. They had to make fuel for their Solex with gas and oil as the extra task. Justin was the first who guessed the distant correctly, followed by Jen who heard his guess. Once Justin collected Zev and Jen was back with Kisha, the two teams were on board a train to Zermatt, Switzerland where they faced a detour.

Gary, Vixen and Flight Time all finished at the same time since they helped each other with the correct mileage. The Cowboys followed in the last place as no one gave Jet an assistance, so he must return to the start to measure again after he made a wrong guess.

For detour, the teams must choose between Cheese or Wheeze before being given the clue to the fountain which presented the opportunity to assign a Double U-turn. In the Cheese, they had to eat a pot of cheese fondue, while in the Wheeze, they had to deliver luggage to five different hotels. Zev and Justin, along with Jen and Kisha, took the Cheese challenge while all the other teams opted for Wheeze.

Zev and Justin struggled with the fondue and Justin ended up throwing up, but they finished the detour first and headed to the fountain. They decided not to U-turn anyone and continued the trip to the pit stop at the Moos Restaurant where they were welcomed with another win and trip for two to the Caribbean.

Kisha and Jen were right behind Zev and Justin, followed by Kent and Vyxsin as well as Gary and Mallory on the third and fourth places respectively. They all passed the U-turn. The race was now between the cowboys and the Globetrotters with Flight Time and Big Easy arriving earlier than Jet and Cord.

The Globetrotters opted to U-turn the cowboys so they must eat the fondue. Finding out they would eventually be eliminated, Jet and Cord sat and drink a few beers while enjoying the cheese before arriving at the Moos Restaurant to be officially declared out of the race. Speaking of their loss, the gentlemen stated it was worth the chance to travel and engage in the competition with brotherly love.

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