Pics: 'Today' Halloween Fiesta Feature Fake GaGa and Bieber

Last year they dressed up as 'Stars Wars' characters, but this year Meredith Vieira and the likes would like to bring pop culture to Rockefeller Plaza.

AceShowbiz - NBC's "Today" show made it clear that their theme for Halloween this year is pop culture. %cMeredith Vieira% gloriously imitated %cLady GaGa% in the singer's Giorgio Armani Prive dress at this year's Grammy, while %cNatalie Morales% traded her feminine look for a casual %cJustin Bieber% style.

Joining them are %cAl Roker% as Superman, %cAnn Curry% as Amelia Earthart, %cTamron Hill% as President Barack Obama, %cSara Haines% as a French director, %cTina Fey% as Roxanne Ritchi in "Megamind" and %cWill Ferrell% as the Megamind himself. One by one they appeared on the Friday, October 29 episode through a series of skits.

First Roxanne was tied to a railway with a model train approaching her. She called %cMatt Lauer% who was not at the scene to come rescue her. Lauer attempted to invade a telephone booth to change clothes but it was occupied by %cDean Cain%. Once it was vacant, Lauer went in, and out came Roker in Superman jersey. He and Megamind successfully saved Roxanne with no difficulty.

Next Earhart came to the plaza stage, saying "Man! That was a long flight. I knew I should have taken the train." Then young girls started screaming as Morales popped in and imitated Bieber's dance moves. But it was Vieira who stole the show with her GaGa performance complete with dancers and a grand piano.

'Obama' then took a podium, saying "As you can imagine, I'm pretty busy right now, but when I was invited to see the crowd at the TODAY Show, I could not resist. God bless America. Happy Halloween!"

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