Exclusive Interview: Trace Adkins Talks About 'Cowboy's Back in Town', Next Single and Blake Shelton

Trace Adkins celebrated 'Cowboy's Back in Town' release on the movie set, plans to release the title track as second single and praises Blake Shelton for what he has achieved.
Trace Adkins has long been country music's alpha male, a man whose commanding presence and once-in-a-generation baritone have made him a pillar of the contemporary Nashville sound. With his new album "Cowboy's Back in Town" newly released in United States on August 17, he exclusively shared to AceShowbiz what he tries to convey through the effort and how he celebrated the release day.

In this interview, Adkins who is currently touring with Toby Keith also revealed which single he will release to follow up "This Ain't No Love Song". Among the many new acts out there, he moreover mentions Blake Shelton, his duet partner in award-winning single "Hillbilly Bone", as a musician who has potential.

ASB: Your new album "Cowboy's Back in Town" is coming out on August 17. Any special event to celebrate it?

Trace Adkins: I celebrated the release by shooting a movie with Matthew McConaughey! It's called the "The Lincoln Lawyer" and will be out after the first of the year.

ASB: What is "Cowboy's Back in Town" about? Why is it picked up as the album title?

Trace Adkins: I wrote this song with two goods friends (Kenny Beard and Jeff Bates) while I was touring last summer in the mid-west. It seemed to symbolize where I am at this point in my career and seemed like the perfect title track for this new body of work.

ASB: You have released a lot of records in more than 10 years. What makes this new album different from your previous efforts?

Trace Adkins: When Toby Keith heard the record, he said "It has a smile on it". I think working with these two new producers, Kenny Beard and Michael Knox, we hit a new stride with the songs we cut and the players we used on the sessions.

ASB: What is the story behind the first single "This Ain't No Love Song"?

Trace Adkins: This is a classic Tony Lane song. I've always been a fan of his writing style. It's a song about a guy who's still in love with a girl but doesn't want her to know he is.

ASB: Could you tell us about the music video? About the concept and the filming.

Trace Adkins: Well, when your casting Miss January in a video, it just takes care of itself. Turn it on and let it rip!

ASB: So, are you ready for the second single? What would it be?

Trace Adkins: "Cowboy's Back in Town"

ASB: Please share to your fans about your experience of touring with Toby Keith to promote this record.

Trace Adkins: Toby and I toured together last year and it was such a blast and so successful that he invited me back again this year. Since I'm now on his label it just made sense on several levels.

ASB: Do you have a plan to bring the duet from the road to studio?

Trace Adkins: We've talked about doing something at some point in the future.

ASB: You've been touring for many times. How do you spend time to avoid the boredom while on the road?

Trace Adkins: Play a lot of golf!

ASB: With so many budding acts out there, which young star do you think could be your future competition?

Trace Adkins: Blake Shelton. He's a good friend and deserves all the success he's enjoying right now.

ASB: What does a Trace Adkins do when not making music or touring?

Trace Adkins: I work on my farm and try to wrangle my five daughters.

ASB: We heard about your friendly "rivalry" with Richard Petty. How do you two hook up in this online project?

Trace Adkins: We met through our sponsors, BC Powder and Goody Powders.

ASB: You've been filming a series of humorous vignettes for this project. Tell us one that is really memorable for you?

Trace Adkins: It's been a surreal experience to work with someone who I've respected so much for so many years. We did a shoot in his shop outside of Charlotte a few months ago where I had to get into a NASCAR and hard a really hard time trying to get out. I thought they were going to have to cut the top off the car to get me out but I managed to wiggle out, barely.

ASB: For your fans on AceShowbiz, please leave a message for them and tell them why should they buy your album!

Trace Adkins: I think this is the best album I've ever done and am proud of this work. I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did making it. Thanks for all your support over the years, see you on the road soon!

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