Exclusive Interview: Kat DeLuna on 'Inside Out' and Working With Akon and Lil Wayne

The 'Whine Up' hitmaker confirms 'Inside Out' is to be released this fall, explains how the second Akon duet is different from the first one and calls Weezy collaboration as tremendous experience.
Kat DeLuna shot to stardom when she was just 19 with dance track "Whine Up". She traveled in the United States and across the pond to perform live for her devotees ever since and now she is ready to storm the chart again with another catchy, party-vibe single. It's titled "Push Push" and allows fans to have some fun on the dance floor. The music video was premiered in summer, just in time when people go out in bikini and shorts.

In anticipation of her second album "Inside Out" where the song is going to appear, DeLuna exclusively shared to AceShowbiz what she has to offer in the follow up of her debut album "9 Lives", noting it will focus on the artistry of her as a whole. The 22-year-old Universal Motown artist also let her fans know how it felt to collaborate with such big stars as Akon and Lil Wayne.

ASB: How is the status of "Inside Out" recording process by now?

Kat DeLuna: It's finished and ready to burst out into the world early this fall!

ASB: What can you tell us about content in your new album if it's compared to your first effort "9 Lives"?

Kat DeLuna: My sophomore album "Inside Out" is vocally stronger, musically it has evolved while still keeping my Pop dance electronic sound, compared to the First album "9 Lives" I have matured and will keep on growing musically and as a performer!

ASB: When do you reckon it will come out in the U.S.?

Kat DeLuna: "Inside Out" comes out Early fall of 2010!

ASB: We heard that "Push Push" music video is going to be premiered June 16. What is the concept of the video?

Kat DeLuna: Concept is basically having people look at me through a kaleidoscope as I show a more mature, fun side of me and it contains a lot of beauty scenes while keeping the viewers and me on a very personal level because I'm literally focusing on singing to them and inviting them into my world.

ASB: Please describe the outfit "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano designed for you in the video.

Kat DeLuna: The dress my good friend Christian Siriano designed for me is a colorful amazing gown that has an Amazing long train that flows softly but big, creating a dreamy scene as I am revealed coming out of the wave of a beautiful fabric that resembles the ocean! Feels like being reborn, reintroduced to the world!

ASB: You yourself always look fabulous with your choice of style. Did you ever think of having your own fashion line?

Kat DeLuna: I love fashion and playing around with different looks all the time, Fashion is a form of expression for me. I am interested in having my own clothing line in the near future.

ASB: After collaborating with Akon in "Am I Dreaming" and then teaming up with him in "Push Push". How is the second duet different from the first one?

Kat DeLuna: The first time I collaborated with Akon was when he did the remixed version of "Am I Dreaming" a song from my first album "9 Lives". This time in our second collaboration is different because we worked on this together at the same time where he produced the song and we both wrote it.

ASB: Beside Akon, who are other featured guests in your new album?

Kat DeLuna: Beside the first single "Push Push" ft. Akon, there aren't any more duets in my soon to be release sophomore album "Inside Out". I wanted my fans to concentrate more on the artistry of me as a whole and to get to know me a bit more Insideout.

ASB: Tell us about your experience of becoming a part of "We Are the World" Spanish version.

Kat DeLuna: I was honored when invited to form a part of the Spanish version of "We Are the World", seeing so many high profile people put their egos aside and get together for such an amazing cause was really nice to see!

ASB: How did it feel to make a duet with Lil Wayne in "Unstoppable"?

Kat DeLuna: Working with Lil Wayne on the single I put out for my fans was a tremendous experience! He's a very talented and respectful young man and you can learn a lot from him, like keep on thriving for success even after you reach it! Take it higher!

ASB: So far, you always collaborate with male artist. What about making a duet with female singer?

Kat DeLuna: In the future I would love to collaborate with a female, probably like a Miley Cyrus because I love her voice or Pink!

ASB: We learned that you love Edward Cullen of 'Twilight'. What make you love this vampire?

Kat DeLuna: Lol, I love Edward Cullen from 'Twilight' because even though he's meant to be a Vampire and a killer he has a soft sweet side to him, and girls like a guy with character but with a sensitive side!

ASB: What about Robert Pattinson? What do you think of him?

Kat DeLuna: I think Robert Pattinson Is a bit more flashy than Edward and flashy guys are not my style! Sorry Robert! Lol, plus Edward can fly and Robert can't! Lol

ASB: What message would you like to give your fans at AceShowbiz?

Kat DeLuna: I just want my fans at AceShowbiz to know that "Inside Out" will be out later on this year and that they're gonna love this second chapter of me!!! And to dream far because anything is possible! If we are able to dream is because there's a possibility of our dreams becoming a reality!

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