Exclusive Interview: Jason Castro on New Album and Favorite Contestant in 'American Idol'

In addition, the finalist of 'American Idol' season 7 also mentions one song he personally dedicates to his wife and reveals his interest to record Spanish songs for a future project.

AceShowbiz - Jason Castro has a new album coming out in the United States on April 13. In an exclusive interview with AceShowbiz, the "American Idol" alum explained how his experience in the popular singing competition helped him work on the record.

Jason also dished on the sound of his self-titled album "Jason Castro", promising a continuation of the sound music lovers heard on "Idol". Moreover, he unveiled what his second single is, which song he dedicates to his wife and when he will kick off his traveling show.

ASB: How did your experience on the TV show help you work on the debut album or inspire your songwriting?

Jason: Being on "American Idol" really enabled me to work on my debut album. Without "AI" I might still be at home dreaming of that record deal... I didn't write any songs about "AI" but the experience there did help me evolve as a singer and as an artist. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have gone through the competition.

ASB: By including "Hallelujah" in the album, it seems like you are still attached to "Idol". Is this the kind of sound fans can expect from the record?

Jason: Well "Hallelujah" is a song I've been singing since long before "Idol" and is a song I've always dreamed of recording. It's one of my favorite songs of all time and I haven't tracked a real recording of it to date! As for the sound of the album I think fans can definitely expect a continuation of the sound they heard on "Idol". I've been calling it a "modern singer-songwriter" album meaning it's all led by the acoustic guitar and it revolves around the songs. That being said fans can also expect to hear some evolutions of Jason.

ASB: Kara DioGuardi was not yet on "Idol" when you were in competition. How does it feel working with people in her caliber?

Jason: I've had the honor of working with several amazing songwriters and producers on this album and it is such a great privilege. Before "American Idol" I had only been writing for about a year so after the show I moved to la to pick up where I left off. It was really an awesome experience to draw from such amazing talent and experience while crafting my songs.

ASB: What is the biggest challenge to get this album done and what do you want to achieve in this album?

Jason: I want this album to be music for life. "When you need a little less or you want a little more, that's what I'm here for.."

ASB: April 13 will be the day the album hits the market. What would you do to celebrate that day?

Jason: Go buy it at Target!

ASB: After "Let's Just Fall In Love Again", what will be your next single and when will you release it?

Jason: My next single is a song called "That's What I'm Here For" which I alluded to a few questions back..

ASB: You said your wife is your big inspiration. Is there any song in this album that you personally dedicate to her?

Jason: "It Matters to Me". A lot of my songs on this album where written from memories but "It Matters to Me" is one I wrote out of the exact experience I was having at the time. I had been gone for a good while and I was going to be seeing her in a few days and this is what I had to say...

ASB: After this record is out, is there a chance we see you on another tour?

Jason: My headlining tour is set to begin on April 17! Tickets are available through Ticket Master. Check out my website www.jasoncastromusic.com for more details!

ASB: Since Spanish is your first language as a child, did you ever think about recording Spanish songs?

Jason: Definitely someday but I'm going one language at a time.

ASB: Beside making music and performing, what else interests Jason Castro?

Jason: I like to play sports, read, history and I really like architecture.

ASB: As an "American Idol" alum, what do you think about this season's line-up? Who's your favorite so far?

Jason: Haven't gotten to watch a whole lot but I saw a performance of Crystal Bowersox and thought she was unbelievable.

ASB: Please leave a message for your fans at AceShowbiz!

Jason: Hey guys! Thanks for all the support! Make sure to grab my debut album "Jason Castro" in stores April 13 and come out to a show near you! Hope to see ya soon!!

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