Marilyn Manson: 'I'm Back With Evan Rachel Wood'

Marilyn Manson

"I'm back with Evan, that's kind of breaking news, you can be the first one to say that," Marilyn tells Metal Hammer magazine in a new interview.
Marilyn Manson is getting back with former girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. It is the goth rock star himself who confirms their on-again romance, telling U.K. magazine Metal Hammer in a new interview, "I'm back with Evan, that's kind of breaking news, you can be the first one to say that."

Preceding the confirmation is a talk about how he manages to survive an identity crisis. Speaking of that, the 40-year-old singer has this to say, "I think I'm not afraid to be me. Sometimes [it] happens when you get to this point in your career, and there are so many things that have happened and influences that you've had, besides the influences of the things that have inspired you. Sometimes you feel awkward being what you're best at, you feel like you have to be something new. But I think that a lot of people will agree that me being me at my best [is what] I need to be. I think that that really paid off."

Marilyn then goes on talking about music and his band, Marilyn Manson Band. He tells Metal Hammer, "We've just been released from our record contract with Interscope so I think a lot of the creative control on which my hands were tied on a lot of choices - the music videos - things like that. And the first example is the newest video, they clearly wouldn't have allowed me to make that video. So we started writing new songs on the road - a bit like [David Bowie's album] 'Aladdin Sane' - I think people can expect a new record a lot sooner than we [expected]."

Marilyn Manson began dating Evan Rachel Wood in late 2006. The pair broke up last December and she has since been romantically linked to a number of men, including Jason Segel and Mickey Rourke. Most recently, she was reported dating actor Shane West. As for Marilyn, he was previously married to burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese.

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