Husband Confirms Celine Dion Isn't Pregnant After All, Details Unveiled

Celine Dion, Rene Angelil

Contrary to earlier pregnancy reports, Celine is never pregnant as the latest in vitro fertilization treatment she underwent in October was unsuccessful.
Rene Angelil is wasting no time to address the mounting reports that his wife Celine Dion loses the baby she is carrying. Despite earlier reports claiming the pair is expecting their second child together through fertility treatment, Rene confirms the singer is never pregnant. To Canadian newspaper Journal de Montreal, Rene muses that the latest in vitro fertilization treatment Celine underwent in October was unsuccessful.

Concurring with Rene, Celine's U.S.-based publicist, Kim Jakwerth, explains Wednesday, November 11 that doctor had initially confirmed a pregnancy in August through in vitro fertilization. And the information was quick to make its way all over the media, forcing Celine to go public with a confirmation. Unfortunately, days later, she found out the embryo had not been implanted successfully.

Kim goes on stating that Celine didn't make immediate announcement on the matter because she actually had another implantation with the hope that it would work. Besides, the pop songbird wanted to keep the matter private.

"Dr. Zev Rosenwaks believed that the procedure/pregnancy took, but that wasn't the case. We found out some days later. We were shocked," Rene is quoted as telling Journal de Montreal. "But you know Celine. She doesn't let go." He goes on, "We are living the reality of the majority of couples who have to use [IVF]. The process can be long and arduous. But today, we are full of confidence. Celine is more determined than ever."

"I admire all the women who go through such a tough process. Since April, she has undergone numerous examinations, multiple hormone injections and blood tests. Celine and I didn't get discouraged ... we put our faith in life and in the stars," Rene adds to the paper, adding that she and Celine will go to New York this weekend for a third try.

Celine Dion has been married to current husband Rene Angelil since December 1994. The pair already has an eight-year-old son together, named Rene Charles Angelil, who was conceived by in vitro fertilization after six years of trying.

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