'Sex and the City 2' to Be Shorter Than the First One

Talking about the upcoming 'Sex and the City' sequel, Kristin Davis gives hint on the runtime, the wardrobe changes and night shooting.

AceShowbiz - While the 2008's "Sex and the City" took about 145 minutes to watch, it has been revealed that its sequel won't be that long. In a recent interview with MTV, one of the romantic comedy stars, %cKristin Davis%, gave clues on the runtime of "Sex and the City 2" in addition to some other details.

Asked whether the second movie adaptation of the popular HBO series will be as "big" as the first movie in term of length, the Charlotte York depicter said, "Oh no. This one is not going to be that long. It's like condensed soup." When MTV reporter Josh Horowitz questioned if "every minute will be meaty", she responded, "Yes! And different, and adventure and rich, and like, there's music involved."

Runtime wasn't the only thing she discussed with Horowitz, Davis also opened up about the wardrobe changes. "There were more costume changes in the first one, than there are in the second one," she said. Additionally, she also talked about the night shooting. She recalled, "We were shooting last week - and pretty much for the two weeks before that - nights. All night."

The on-screen wife of %cJon Favreau% in "Couples Retreat" went on detailing, "Now, we were not doing a night exterior, but that's how many hours we needed to get these certain things done that when it comes out, you're going to know what I'm talking about. I can't tell you right now: except to say that they are HUGE scenes with like hundreds of people in them!"

"Sex and the City 2" has all four leading ladies of the original series, %cSarah Jessica Parker%, %cKim Cattrall%, %cCynthia Nixon% and Kristin Davis reprising their role as Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte respectively. %cChris Noth% also returns as Big, and writer/director/producer Michael Patrick King is back to his post. Principal photography was kicked off in New York in September. This sequel is set for U.S. release on May 28, 2010.

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