Video Premiere: Mariah Carey's 'Obsessed'

Fans can see Mariah Carey being stalked by a man named JoJo who is played by herself in 'Obsessed' music video.

AceShowbiz - Mariah Carey's music video for her single "Obsessed" was supposed to be debuted in "America's Got Talent" on June 15, but it was leaked hours before its premiere schedule. Directed by Brett Ratner, the video starts with her arriving at New York City's Plaza Hotel and switches to a scene where she walks down the pavement with a man stalking her from behind.

Rumor on the street suggested Mariah portrays Eminem in this video, but she denied the speculation. "I am NOT at any point in the video playing a specific person. I'm dressed as a 'stalker' in 3 different ensembles," she wrote on her Twitter.

Instead, Mariah called her male character as a guy named JoJo. She shared, "It was fun playing 'JoJo' (the stalker/doorman/photographer's asst)." Furthermore, she revealed that the photographer is played by Patrick Demarchelier who was "mentioned several times in one of [her] favorite movies 'The Devil Wears Prada'."

"Obsessed" is one of the songs set to be listed in Mariah's upcoming new album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" which is slated for August 25 U.S. release. Its remix version features rapper Gucci Mane.

Beside filming the video for the song's original version, Mariah Carey, who is scheduled to sing in the "TODAY" show on August 28, also shot a video for its remix version. The singer revealed, "So, there are 2 videos for 'Obsessed' the original, and the remix feat. Gucci Mane. Both have a storyline where I play several parts." On what to expect from this video, a source close to the video production shared, "There is definitely new hotness in the Remix that is not in the original."

Mariah Carey's "Obsessed" music video

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