Josh Schwartz Has Prepared for 'Chuck' Season 3

Although NBC has not given their green light for another 'Chuck' season, creator Josh Schwartz has known how it would end.

AceShowbiz - "Chuck" may remain in bubble but the people behind the series are more than ready to develop the third season. Creator Josh Schwartz talked to TV Guide in an interview, revealing that they have in mind, a big story arc that involves also the chemistry of Chuck and Sarah should the show get renewed.

"The most immediate way it impacts them is they can only be together if he is not the asset," Schwartz explained the dynamic of Chuck and Sarah. "That's why they were able to move their relationship forward in the penultimate episode, because the Intersect was out of his head, and she was no longer going to need to protect him."

He continued, "So that dynamic has changed, and it certainly puts their relationship back in jeopardy. But Chuck and Sarah's relationship will be one of the major driving stories of next season - should we have one."

Schwartz shared also a bit of what he knows over at NBC, saying that the network has a very tight schedule this year and noting that "Chuck" is not exactly an expensive or cheap production. "Well, NBC has always really loved the show," he added. "They have been very supportive of the show, and they really do love and support the show."

"Chuck" had its finale on Monday, April 27 and absorbed 6.1 million viewers. The number is not exactly a guarantee to deliver a third season for it was down 1.7 million from last season's finale and is one of the least-watched shows on Monday. Loyal "Chuck" fans even had attempted to save the show by a Subway campaign which reportedly gained mild support.

Nevertheless, Schwartz has accumulated thoughts for a new season, even the ending. "We're still formulating our thoughts for the new characters," he said. "We know the larger arc for next season that we want to play out, we know the direction we want to take the show, and we know how next season would end."

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