Kurt Russell Nixes 'The Expendables' Casting Offer

Kurt Russell Nixes 'The Expendables' Casting Offer

Beside revealing that the role of Hale Caesar has been given to Terry Crews instead of 50 Cent, Sylvester Stallone confesses to have offered Kurt Russell a part in his upcoming feature project.
In a new casting report of "The Expendables", director/actor Sylvester Stallone has revealed to StalloneZone that he has offered Kurt Russell to take part in the film, but has been declined. "I know that many people on the site have asked for Kurt Russell. I asked for him too," he fessed up. "Actually, I was taken aback when asked to put the request in a letter and send it to his agent."

"Subsequently, I was called back by the agent several days later after refusing to send a letter and he said Kurt Russell is not interested in 'ensemble acting' at this time," he furthermore explained. In the end of his message, he wrote down, "So, People, I came, I saw, I failed."

Meanwhile, in a new update to 50 Cent casting report, it is claimed that the rapper won't be taking any participation in the Stallone-directed action project. Coming out with this story was Harry of Ain't It Cool News, who reported that Stallone himself called him and revealed that the role of Hale Caesar has gone to Terry Crews.

50 Cent's name has been linked to the Hale Caesar part following reports about Forest Whitaker's exit from the project due to a scheduling conflict. When fans spoke out against the casting, Stallone has come up in defense of the rapper, writing "The anger of the casting of 50 Cent is understandable, but not fair. ... the change of Forest Whitaker to 50 Cent AKA Curtis Jackson is a good one."

"The Expendables" itself is an action movie about a team of mercenaries heading to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator. It stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Charisma Carpenter and Arnold Schwarzenegger among others. Lionsgate Films will distribute this film in U.S. theaters on April 23, 2010.

Terry Crews is former NFL defensive end and linebacker. Following his retirement in 1997, he pursued acting career, landing a stint as T-Money in TV series "Battle Dome" in 1999. He has since appeared in a number of feature films, including "Soul Plane", "White Chicks" and "Street Kings". He was last seen on the big screen starring as Agent 91 in "Get Smart" and is listed among the cast ensemble of the forthcoming "Terminator Salvation".

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