Video: Taylor Momsen Scales Wall to Escape Paparazzi

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen is videotaped jumping over cars, leaping over men, and scaling a wall to escape a group of paparazzi who are following her.
"Gossip Girl" actress Taylor Momsen shows the world her "stunt woman" skills as she has been videotaped jumping over cars, leaping over men, and even swinging from a pipe hanging from the ceiling of a parking garage in a bid to avoid the throng of paparazzi following her. The video was tapped last week as she was leaving an elevator after a work-out in New York City.

By the time the elevator's door opened, Taylor was greeted by a group of photographers who immediately pointed their cameras to her and asked her several questions. Feeling annoyed by them, she ran down the staircase and quickly made her way to the parking lot by jumping from the staircase.

Almost hit by a car, Taylor didn't stop and instead jumped on top of the car, swung onto a pipe along the ceiling, and ran outside. After that she climbed onto another car and started to scale a wall in order to get into her parked vehicle. And once her car passed the paparazzi, she greeted them, offering them a smile and saying "bye guys."

Update 01/14: The video has been confirmed to be done as part of Nike ad.

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