Robert Pattinson Reveals Specific Qualities He Looks for in a Girl

Robert Pattinson

A high-rising actor, Robert Pattinson says he looks for "the worst - mental, strong women."
Being hounded by many female fans ever since his vampire flick "Twilight" has become a hit, Robert Pattinson openly admits he likes "mental, strong women." To Closer magazine he shares, "The stuff I find attractive in women, I always regret finding attractive. I always like a kind of madness in a woman, and when they are really, really strong. And they're the worst - mental, strong women!" adding, "But I like it when they hate me right from the beginning."

Following the U.S. release of "Twilight" on November 21, Robert Pattinson has been put under media microscope. In addition to appearing in some TV talk shows, he also has been interviewed by a number of magazines.

Despite rumors claiming he is dating Camilla Belle, Robert insists he is single. In an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last month he even admitted no one wants "to get into a relationship with" him. "It's really strange," he told Ellen DeGeneres at that time. "People like screaming at me. Actually, they like screaming at me in relationships as well. No one wants to commit."

Talking about screaming fans, Robert recently admitted they sometimes make him paranoid, explaining "People ambush me in public and ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair. I just don't want someone to have a needle and give me AIDS and I don't want to get shot or stabbed. This is my life."

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