Video Premiere: Kat DeLuna's 'Am I Dreaming'

On 'Am I Dreaming' music video, Kat DeLuna visits a China town with her backing dancers for a street performance.

AceShowbiz - After her "In the End" music video was released, %cKat DeLuna% has, once again, come out bringing a music video for her latest single, "Am I Dreaming". The video was shot in the Dominican Republic and it shows her singing the song with several backing dancers through the street of a China town. Quick stroll of her on-bed and by-swimming pool is also viewed during the video set.

"Am I Dreaming" is a new single produced by top-notched producer RedOne and listed on DeLuna's debut effort, "9 Lives". Listing %cElephant Man%, %cShaka Dee%, and %cDon Omar% as her collaborators, the Epic Record's album has hit the U.S. market on August 7, 2007.

For her next project to follow up the "9 Lives", DeLuna is reportedly in the middle of cooking up new materials for her sophomore studio effort. Tentatively entitled "Calling Kat DeLuna", the album is slated for release sometime in 2009. %cAkon%, Jim Jonsin, RedOne and J. Bynum are some of the powerhouse producers which are rumored to help her making the forthcoming LP.

Kat DeLuna's "Am I Dreaming" music video:

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