Jennifer Hudson's Slain Family Remembered, Murder Gun May Belong to Brother

Jennifer Hudson

As police are investigating whether the murder weapon once belonged to Jennifer Hudson's slain brother, friends and relatives gathered for the memorial service on Sunday, November 2.
Nine days after the dead bodies of Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were found in their own home and nearly a week after Jennifer's nephew was found dead, a public memorial service for the three slain victims has been thrown. Held on Sunday, November 2, at Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, the service was attended by nearly 100 friends and relatives.

Paying last respect to Darnell Hudson Donerson, Jason Hudson and Julian King, mourners gathered as the church was opened to the public about 4 P.M. Greeted with music from the chapel's speakers, the mourners came in to see large pictures of Jason Hudson and Julian King standing at the front of the room. On the occasion, relatives took turns to reminisce about the three victims.

The Associated Press reported that many of the songs played during the service featured Jennifer, though the former "American Idol" contestant didn't come to the ceremony. Beside Jennifer, Julian's mother also didn't attend the service. Still, the two are expected to come at the private funeral service which is scheduled for Monday, November 3.

On the murder case itself, Chicago Tribune reported that the chrome-and-black .45-caliber pistol found by the Chicago police a block from where 7-year-old Julian King's body was discovered, was indeed the weapon used for the slaying. Furthermore, the publication noted that the police are investigating whether it is the gun once belonged to Jason since Jennifer's slain brother allegedly has an identical gun which he said to be stolen months prior to the murder.

So far, authorities haven't put charges on anyone for the killings. However, Jennifer's brother-in-law and Julia's estranged husband, 27-year-old William Balfour, has been called a "person of interest" on the case. He is being held in custody on a parole violation.

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