Four Official Photos From 'Angels and Demons' Come Out

Four Official Photos From 'Angels and Demons' Come Out

Sony Pictures have let out the first set photos of the 'Da Vinci Code' follow-up, 'Angels and Demons', which give out the first look into Tom Hanks', Ayelet Zurer's and Ewan McGregor's characters.
First four official photos from the forthcoming "Angels & Demons" have been unraveled. Put out by USA Today, the images shared give out for the first time Ayelet Zurer's Vittoria Vetra, Ewan McGregor's Carlo Ventrasca and Thure Lindhart's Chartrand. Some of them also display Tom Hanks acting once again as Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University, Robert Langdon.

The first photo seen below highlights at the time Langdon and Vetra are running around the the Vatican square. The next one showcases a group of cardinals stepping up a flight of stairs, while the third capture Ventresca who is described as the faithful servant to the church during the papal conclave in Vatican City. In addition, the picture posted at the news photo let out the four characters gathering in to examine clues.

"Angels and Demons" follows Langdon's adventure as he tries to stop the legendary secret society known as the Illuminati from destroying the Vatican City using world's most powerful energy source, the antimatter. Since the Church didn't allow on-location shooting, only the exteriors were shot in Rome and elaborate sets were built to replicate the Vatican and other churches in Los Angeles.

Directed by Ron Howard using the adaptation screenplay by Akiva Goldsman, it is the second movie adapted from Dan Brown's novel following "The Da Vinci Code". "Angels" is expected to be released in the U.S. on May 15, 2009.

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