Rapper Trina and Boyfriend Involved in Car Accident

Rapper Trina and Boyfriend Involved in Car Accident

The couple escaped injuries as a result of the car crash that happened Friday, July 25 in Belize and her representative has confirmed that she is fine and 'extremely thankful' that no one was hurt.
Friday, July 25 was Trina's bad day. She and boyfriend, NBA player Kenyon Martin, were involved in a car accident in Belize late that night that left two children, ages 12 and 9, injured.

Per 7 News Belize, which broke report of the accident, Trina and Kenyon were in the country for a hip-hop peace rally and charity basketball game which took place on Saturday, July 26. They were traveling with a police motorcade from the airport when the Ford Excursion they were riding in was struck by a minivan on the highway.

Both of them walked away from the scene unharmed, but the driver of the minivan George Abraham, and his two young sons Johnny Abraham (12) and Delane Abraham (9) were injured. He accused Trina and Kenyon's driver of being in the wrong. "I was on my right hand side and this vehicle overtakes on this side," Abraham told Belize's Local 7 News. "That guy was in the wrong in that vehicle. I was on my correct hand. 'Ahh my shoulder.'"

Onlookers who witnessed the car crash claimed the unfortunate was being led by a police motorcade which was overtaking other cars on a busy narrow road. "As we were coming down from the airport trailing behind the vehicles we see the white car that Trina and Kenyon Martin were traveling in was cutting across and the same time a green van came and they hit each other and they went straight across and one of the children nearly came out of the vehicle because of the impact," a witness named Raymond Marin said. "It was very very hard and horrifying and hmmm, I still left stunned right now."

Trina's publicist Krystle Coleman was quick to issue a confirmation regarding the accident her celebrity client had experienced. "Trina was in a small fender bender in Belize, yesterday on her way from the airport to a charity basketball event this weekend," she said. "She is currently fine, and 'extremely thankful' that no one was hurt in the small car accident. She is looking forward to the rest of her weekend on vacation and thankful for everyone's safety."

Some photos taken on the scene of the accident can be seen on 7 News Belize.

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