'Friends' the Movie Denied

'Friends' the Movie Denied

Before the report about the possible reunion of Manhattan's favorite best friends in big screen even get the chance to sink in, it has been denied.
Throughout the years, the '90s hit sitcom "Friends" has been hit with multiple rumors about the development of its movie and as well the speculations have been toned down with denials. Recently, fans are made excited with another speculation on the sitcom's big screen version, but as quickly as the news spread out, the rumor was dished out. This time, the turn down came from every corner.

Providing rebuttal to the early report claiming that "Friends" original cast and Warner Bros. have decided to tackle the movie, Warner Bros U.K.'s Publicity Director Jayne Trotman as well as most of its cast ensemble generally agreed on one sure thing, that is the story was a false one. From the actors' side, John Fogelman, Courteney Cox's publicist, noted to BBC he was not aware that there is a plan for "Friends" movie. On the similar tone, Lisa Kasteler, Matthew Perry's spokesperson, insisted, "Nothing is happening in this regard, so the rumor is false."

Giving reinforcement to the denial above, representatives of the series' two stars, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, came out also to contradict the story. Aniston's rep unveiled to Page Six, "We are not aware of any such project. I really don't know [if she would have any interest]." Additionally, Schwimmer's publicist opposed the rumor by saying, "There's been no discussion about it."

Days earlier, online publication went crazy speculating that the success of "Sex and the City: the Movie" has helped to give the project a green light from both the studio as well as the stars, including also Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc. On the matter, U.K.'s Daily Mail wrote, "Jennifer, Courtney and the rest of cast are keen to reprise their roles, under the right circumstances." Moreover, it was said at the time that the film can be expected to be released "within the next 18 months".

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