Video Premiere: Snoop Dogg's 'My Medicine' Ft. Willie Nelson

Video Premiere: Snoop Dogg's 'My Medicine' Ft. Willie Nelson

The new music video for the rapper's fourth single from his latest record "Ego Trippin'" has been premiered on June 13.
Snoop Dogg has just premiered the new music video for his latest single "My Medicine" on new MTV show FNMTV on Friday, June 13. The clip, which was directed by Pook and shot in Amsterdam and Nashville, also features country singer Willie Nelson.

As it was previously reported, the clip resembles the vibe of the song which has a country flavor on it. Beside the appearance of Willie, another feature that shows the country feel on the video is Snoop's style, where on some scenes the rapper was seen wearing a cowboy hat, boots and singing with his guitar.

The song is the fourth single spawned from Snoop's latest LP "Ego Trippin'", which was outed on March 11. Explaining about the single, previously Snoop said to MTV, "It's not a typical hip-hop song, but once people listen to it and see the visual effect to it, they're gonna enjoy it."

Moreover, stating the reason he decided to give a country vibe on "My Medicine", Snoop said, "I think I have more room than ever to do as I please. I've made so many records that were true to hip-hop, true to Snoop Dogg and true to the West Coast and gangsta rap in genre. Now it's time for me to make records that feel good to me and venture out."

Snoop Dogg's "My Medicine" featuring Willie Nelson Video Premiere:

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