Snoop Dogg Defended After Accused of Smoking Weed Around His Grandkids
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Some people come to the 'Gin and Juice' rapper's defense after he enrages social media users with a video showing him appearing to hold a joint in the studio with his granddaughters.

AceShowbiz - Snoop Dogg may not be a perfect man, but he does try to be present for his grandchildren. The rapper has sparked debate among his fans after he was caught on camera allegedly smoking weed around his granddaughters.

On Wednesday, February 21, the 52-year-old posted a seemingly innocent video on his Instagram account that showed him in the studio with his two granddaughters. He was sitting on an office chair while holding what looks like a joint in between his fingers.

The girls looked excited as their father played a song in his phone. As the girls jumped around, the "What's My Name?" hitmaker was sliding around in his chair, seemingly trying to amuse his grandkids by showing his best move. "Granddaughters," he simply captioned the clip.

Instead of paying attention to Snoop's cute interaction with his granddaughters, some people criticized him for allegedly smoking around the girls. "Burning with the kids ????" one person asked. Another stated, "Not around the kids."

"Like Serioisly ... Is there a blunt in his hand in front of the grand babies? Come man, damn [sic]," a third wrote in disbelief. A shocked follower reacted, "Wait is that weed in your left hand, come on man, that's too much," while another left a comment that read, "Why are you smoking around them babies !! That's a problem."

A few others, however, have defended Snoop against the critics, with one pointing out, "The jonit is not lit ya'll keep quiet let that man enjoy his time with his family [sic]." Another claimed, "It's not lit!! To each it's own. His son doesn't smoke so there!!"

"OMG!!!! Snopp was not doing anything wrong. Would it matter if it was a cigarette. You people need to get a life and stop with the mess," another hit back at the naysayers. Fuming, someone else wrote in defense of Snoop, "PEOPLE ALWAYS WORRIED ABOUT THE WRONG THING. PLENTY PEOPLE THAT'S BEING JUDGEMENTAL, KIDS DON'T EVEN HAVE ACTIVE GRANDPARENTS IN THEIR LIVES. LEARN HOW TO KEEP SCROLLING VERSES STOPPING TO SAY SOMETHING NEGATIVE. KEEP BEING YOU SNOOP."

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