Frank Miller Addressing 'The Spirit' Untraditional Look

Frank Miller Addressing 'The Spirit' Untraditional Look

Director/screenwriter Frank Miller gives out answers to fans' burning questions the changes made on 'The Spirit' traditional costume and resemblance to 'Sin City' through his latest blog entry.
Since the image of the leading character in Frank Miller's "The Spirit" hits the net, people, especially the comic book fans, have been buzzing about the crime fighter character's new look. Many discussed about their concerns over its close resemblance to "Sin City" and not so few have argued over the abandoning of the traditional blue outfit used by the main character. Recently, Miller came out with the explanation over the red and black appearance of The Spirit.

In his latest entry on the official blog for the noir-like movie which has been exclusively obtained by Superhero Hype!, the director/scribbler address the fans' concerns giving out the creative consideration behind the making of Will Eisner's comic book adaptation movie. He also thoroughly discusses the reason why he chose to go with the red and black costume instead of the traditional blue hat, mask, and jacket.

"Now, about that blue suit. Comic books have long traditions based on the limitations of pre-digital printing. Among these are traditions from the old newsprint-run-through-letterpress approach (yes, comics have been - and still do--follow tradition that dates all the way back to Gutenberg!). Bad printing on pulp paper is why it was necessary for every superhero to have his emblem printed on his chest, and that everything that's black be printed in blue. Hence Superman's preposterous blue hair. And the Spirit's blue hat, mask, and suit. In tests - and we did several - the blue made the Spirit look like an unfortunate guest at a Halloween party. Going to black brings back his essential mystery, his Zorro-like sexiness. It also makes that red tie of his look very, very cool," wrote the 51-year-old.

"So I made the call, with all respect to Eisner's creation, and most importantly, to what I perceived as his underlying intention. It was an easy call for me to make. The Spirit dresses in black, and looks much the better for it. As I said, my desire was never to slavishly follow the rules of '40s printing into campy oblivion, but to reintroduce Eisner's creation, via modern technology, to our brave new world."

The complete blog entry can be read via Superhero Hype!. Meanwhile, in relation to the film itself, "Spirit" features the likes of Gabriel Macht, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes. The Lions Gate Films is scheduled to arrive in theaters across the U.S. on Christmas Day 2008.

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