Plies Reveals Third Album's Details

Plies Reveals Third Album's Details

Although his second album "Definition of Real" is not released yet, the rapper has already been preparing his third.
Yet to officially release his second studio album "Definition of Real", which is set to hit the stores on June 10, Plies has already planned to release his third album. The rapper has even set a name and a release date for his third album. It will be called "The Realest" and will be released on December 16.

Meanwhile, speaking about his upcoming second album, Plies said that "Definition of Real" won't be that different from his first album that was released in 2007 "The Real Testament". "I'm the same dude before I made 'The Real Testament', so I guess my mentality and my mind state is pretty much 85 percent the same. Now I've kind of learned a little bit more that comes with being successful. To diversify my music and still give you the female looks. With this album, the formula is the same," Plies said.

Moreover, Plies also stated that despite his love of music he doesn't want to be a part of it everyday because there are still other things that are more important to him. "Musically, I'm cool with everything. But I don't wake up everyday happy to be a part of it. Because there's so much real stuff in my life everyday that affects me and means more to me everyday," he said.

Back to his second album, previously Plies has just released the first single for the album which is "Bust It Baby Part 2" featuring Ne-Yo on January 25. The single has also premiered its accompanying music video on April 28.

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