Nude Photos of Heather Mills, with and Without Her Prosthetic Leg, Emerge

Heather Mills

Heather Mills' nude photos, taken by top fashion photographer Tony McGee back in 1999, have been exposed online.
As if she just couldn't get enough of the heavy media coverage she has received by far, Heather Mills found herself in yet another intense media scrutiny after some naked pictures of her are being exposed by a U.K. tabloid. The black-and-white photos, taken by top fashion photographer Tony McGee way back in 1999, were originally designed to promote her anti-landmine charity work.

The now-online photos show Mills, a former model, posed provocatively with and without her prosthetic leg. Some of them see Mills bared her flesh with just her hand, a bag and some clever lighting protecting her modesty.

Was having the photos taken before she met then husband Paul McCartney, Mills reportedly didn't want them to ever be seen publicly. A source explains to the News of the World why, "... Heather figured Paul would take a pretty dim view if suddenly a load of nude pictures of her came out. It wasn't just this shoot she worried about - there was the infamous porn-style German sex manual she starred in too." The source continued saying, "Quite a few people got phone calls and she made it very clear that the McCartney legal team would come down like a ton of bricks if the pictures ever went public."

The nude pics, anyhow, have been made public by News of the World. Click the link to see them.

This isn't the first time that Mills is hit with nude pictures scandal. In December 2007, some racy pictures of her surfaced on the net. One of the pictures, which were claimed to be taken for an x-rated magazine, saw Mills provocatively lying with her legs open, flaunting her private parts.

No words just yet from Mills herself or her people about the latest nude pictures scandal.

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