Carrie Underwood Goes Glam for Glamour Magazine

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood talks career, diets, fashion, and dating in the December issue of Glamour Magazine, on newsstands December 11.
While some other celebs stick to 'less is more,' Carrie Underwood prefers to go glam for Glamour Magazine. The "American Idol" title holder invades the magazine's December issue, talks about everything from career, fashion, diet to dating.

Kicked off the chat, talking about her second studio album "Carnival Ride," released in the United States on October 23, the country cutie told Glamour "It's part of a line from my favorite song on the album, "Wheel of the World." It sums up everything that's happened to me. It's nuts to think of where I was a couple of years ago. [What's happened since then] has completely been blind luck, or fate, or whatever you want to call it."

On why she presumed her high-rising singing career as "luck", Underwood explained "There were so many people on Idol who were way more talented than any of us who ended up in the top 10. I promise. They just didn't get there, for some reason."

Relating her luck and dose of ambition to her success in winning the first place on the fourth season of "American Idol," the multi-platinum selling recording artist insisted to have no clue on that, revealed "I was terrified of graduating college and not knowing what I was going to do. I saw the auditions for Idol and thought, Why not? I always liked to sing. You know when they asked, "Are you the next American Idol?" I said yes, but I didn't mean it. [Laughs.] I was thinking, I don't know. Probably not! Don't know why I'm here! But I see these things on E! True Hollywood Story that say, She knew she was going to be a star. She would do anything to get to the top. That wasn't me at all."

Tend to perceive her being one of the contestants on "American Idol" merely as something to do before she had to get herself a real job, Underwood however considered the moment when she won Grammys as the most surreal moment of her life in the past year.

Read more on Underwood's interview on the new issue of Glamour Magazine, on newsstands December 11.

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