Beyonce Knowles Eyeing Summer 2008 for New Album

Beyonce Knowles

Mid her hectic schedule, Beyonce Knowles is preparing herself for a third album that she hopes will be in stores by summer next year.
Wardrobe malfunction and stage act error aside, Beyonce Knowles has confirmed herself a work of next album. The singer told that she will be back in the studio in December to work on the follow up of 'B'Day' (2006).

In the interview, she hopes that the album will be ready for a release in summer 2008. The information is limited to that since spotlights are directed to her stage acts lately.

She was appearing at the launch of her clothing line Dereon in Toronto, Canada, when her breasts were exposed, unknown whether intentional or not. Last month, while performing her song 'Ring the Alarm' in Orlando, she tripped a dozen steps and fell face first.

Beyonce also talks about a new movie project that she hopes will be another musical, but darker than her role in 'Dreamgirls'. "That's my niche," she said. "I'm able to connect the drama with the music."

Beyonce talking on a new album:

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