Cyndi Lauper Presents "True Colors" Tour

Armed with a good deed, Cyndi Lauper holds up a concert in support of gay rights.
Little did Cyndi Lauper know that while she wrote the song "True Colors" in 1986, many souls were going to be saved by it. Reviving the song in the True Colors tour, Lauper states that her sole intention is to promote gay rights.

Inspired by the letters that she received from fans, Lauper who is a long time supporter of gay rights, found out that her song made people hopeful. "A lot of people were saying that when it came out (in 1986) they were teenagers and they were coming out," she said. "They were disowned by their family and their friends and their jobs got all messed up and they were totally alone, and suicidal, and then they heard `True Colors' and it made them feel hopeful."

The tour will be held in 15 cities, starting from Las Vegas on June 8, and ending in Los Angeles on June 30. In support of this, many artists join Lauper to perform on the stage. They who have the good intention are Deborah Harry, Erasure, Margaret Cho, The Dresden Dolls, and The Gossip. "This tour is basically gonna be five hours of some of my favorite bands and me, and Margaret Cho making us laugh, and while we're touring, we're going to be raising awareness," she said to The Associated Press. Rufus Wainwright is also reported to be joining the lots in several dates.

Logo, the MTV network that aims on gay audiences, is the prime sponsor of this tour. There will be information provided, purple wristband with slogan "Erase Hate" circulated, and most remarkably, donations made. For every ticket sold one dollar is going to Human Rights Campaign, the supporting organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT).

Lauper is hopeful but believes that through this tour the awareness of equal rights for gays will be supported "I think people don't know what's going on, that's all." Complete tour dates and ticket information can be accessed on

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