Shakira Trivia
  1. Was honored the title of Shooting Star Female at Bravo Supershow Otto Awards in 2002.

  2. Auctioned off more than 40 stage costumes she wore on her 2007 Oral Fixation tour on Website eBay Giving Works to raise funds for her "Bare Feet Foundation," a leading project to build a school for impoverished kids in Colombia (February 2008).

  3. Was granted Humanitarian award on April 3, 2006 for starting a charitable foundation, Barefoot, to help children in her native Colombia escape violence.

  4. She was ranked #9 in Stuff Magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002).

  5. Had her charitable foundation ALAS (Latin America for Solidarity Foundation) made a $45 million donation to repair damage caused by an earthquake in Peru and a hurricane in Nicaragua (September 2007).

  6. Doesn't drink alcohol and coffee, nor does smoke.

  7. Chosen as the 10th "Most AB-ilicious Star" in Life & Style's list of celebrities with toned stomachs (May 2007).

  8. Named as one of the most influential Hispanic entertainers in America in People en Espanol's list of "100 Most Influential Hispanics" in January 2007.

  9. Teamed up with fellow Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez to launch a child poverty foundation, "America Latina en Accion Solidaria" or Latin America in Solidarity Action, aimed at fighting poverty in Latin America (December 2006).

  10. Made Yahoo's annual list of Popular Search Terms in 2006 at the 3rd spot.

  11. Is immortalized with a 5-meter (16-foot) iron statue in her home city on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

  12. Listed in Mr. Blackwell's 46th annual "Worst Dressed" list.

  13. Made a donation of 10,000 pairs of tennis shoes to her hometown of Barranquilla to impoverished children through her Barefoot Foundation in 2002.

  14. Her song, "Gafas Oscuras," was composed based on her father's glasses.

  15. Had to postpone her concert at Quisqueya Stadium in Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic due to throat infection in March 2003.

  16. Was the youngest goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 2003 when she received the title on October 24.

  17. Made an emergency helicopter landing at a baseball diamond in the Dominican Republic in August 2002 because of bad weather.

  18. Has signed a deal with Reebok to endorse the company's products in September 2002.

  19. Received the honor of Best Female Pop Album at Globo Awards for two times which were in 1999 and 2001.

  20. Was named Pop Singer of the Year at Eres Awards and Best Latin Female Singer at Cassandra Awards in 1997.

  21. Lost her suitcase contained all her songs at an airport in Bogota, Colombia just couple of months before her plan to record "Donde Estan los Ladrones." She compiled the materials back based on memory only.

  22. Likes wearing informal clothes.

  23. Her favorite bands are The Police and U2 whose song, "With or Without You," is her most favorite tune.

  24. Her favorite book is Khalil Gibran's "The Prophet," while her favorite author is Oriana Falacci.

  25. Has an IQ of 140.

  26. Hates her ears so that she does not like her hair up and often tries to cover them while her hair is arranged in ponytails.

  27. Would pursue a career as a psychologist or an astronomer if she failed to be a singer.

  28. Admires Gloria Estefan.

  29. Her favorite flowers are daisy and sunflower.

  30. Her wedding dream is to dress in white and hold the ceremony at a beach.

  31. Her favorite colors are black and white.

  32. Likes to eat Mojarra fried with patacon, Arabian food, seafood, and chocolate balls.

  33. Represented Colombia at the Festival Vina del Mar during her teen and earned the third place through her own song, "Eres."

  34. Her favorite actor is Hugh Grant

  35. Had been attacked by a lunatic man in Australia with a bag of cement, and luckily she was ok.

  36. Is heavily influenced by her father's Arabic background.

  37. Had already written her own songs by the time she was 8. One of the songs titled "Your Dark Sunglasses" she dedicated to her father.

  38. Has a nickname of Shaki.

  39. Discipline and perfectionist are her two strongpoints.

  40. She doesn't have any tattoos.

  41. Her favorite thing to paint is "fried eggs."

  42. She loves chocolate, but doesn't eat candy.

  43. She doesn't like to wear jewelry.

  44. She's fluent in Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish and Arabic.

  45. Shakira is the youngest of eight siblings.

  46. Her album "Laundry Service" is her first English Album. It's been certified 4 times platinum.

  47. Her father is a Lebanese, while her mother is a Spanish-Italian.